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IRS officer captures moment snow leopards reunite with mother in Himachal Pradesh

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan on Monday shared a video captured by Ankur Rapria, an Indian Revenue Service officer showing snow leopard cubs reuniting with their mother after hearing her call.

Screengrab of the video.

“The ghost of the mountains. A snow leopard family captured by good friend @irsankurrapria.They are one of the most agile hunters on earth,” wrote Kaswan while sharing the clip.

He also shared facts about the leopard species as he wrote, “It’s a mother with two cubs. Snow leopards are most adaptable to high and cold altitudes. They are known for their acrobatics including running on steep slopes and long jumps.”

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The video was shot at Lahaul-Spiti, during last week, he added.

Snow leopards are the big cats which can’t roar. Their paws are specially designed for the hills and slopes. Powerful, agile, secretive and beautiful, he added.

Meanwhile, Ankur Raparia, who shot the video at Himachal Pradesh’s kibber, wrote, “Look at love, joy n happiness, when Snow Leopard Cubs reunite with the mother after hearing her call. Kibber, Himachal Pradesh.”

The video shared by Kaswan has garnered nearly 1.50 lakh views and 3,500 ‘likes’ on Twitter. Many Twitter users shared their thoughts on the clip as a comment read, “Wow! Can’t imagine the hard work that would have gone into capturing this amazing video. So heartening.”

“That is some camera work and peak patience. Awesome,” wrote another.

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