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Boris Johnson speaks to Saudi crown prince at Cop26 – follow live

Watch live as Nancy Pelosi speaks at Cop26 summit

Boris Johnson spoke with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia about the country’s climate pledges and the need to make “progress in the negotiations” in Glasgow as he returned to the Cop26 summit.

The prime minister welcomed the Middle Eastern country’s commitment to reach net zero by 2060 but spoke to Mohammed bin Salman about the importance of finalising the outstanding elements of the Paris rulebook, according to No 10.

A Downing Street spokesperson added: “The prime minister said all countries needed to come to the table with increased ambition if we are to keep the target of limiting global warming to 1.5C alive.”

Mr Johnson had been expected to appear in Glasgow at the end of the week but brought his plans forward to spur “ambitious action”. He was due to travel by train.

A draft resolution published by the UK on Wednesday morning pushed countries to toughen their emission-cutting plans for the 2020s this year. If the pact is agreed, signatories will commit to revisiting and strengthening goals outlined at the Paris summit in 2015.

Scientists have warned keeping temperature rises to 1.5C requires global emissions to drop 45 per cent by 2030 and to zero overall by mid-century – but that the world is currently not on track to meet that goal.

The new document calls for countries phase out fossil fuel subsidies more quickly, and for developed countries to at least double climate financing to help poorer nations adapt.


What the draft deal says

Here are some of the key things in the first draft of the pact that could be agreed:

  • It reaffirms the goals in the Paris Agreement that countries agreed in 2015 – to hold global warming to well below 2C above pre-industrial levels and pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5C – recognising that the effects of climate change will be much lower at 1.5C than 2C.
  • With the world off track to meet the goal, countries are urged to “revisit and strengthen” the targets for cutting emissions by 2030 in their national plans to align them with the Paris goal of well below 2C or 1.5C, by the end of next year.
  • Countries that have not yet submitted new or updated national climate action plans – known as nationally determined contributions, which they were supposed to submit ahead of Cop26 – are urged to do so ahead of the next Cop in a year’s time.
  • Countries are urged to communicate long-term strategies, with plans and policies, that get them to net-zero emissions by or around mid-century in line with the temperature goals by the next Cop.
  • In a first for such a document, it calls on countries to accelerate the phasing-out of coal and subsidies for fossil fuels, though there is likely to be heavy pushback on the mention of fossil fuels and it could well drop out of the final text.
  • It emphasises the “critical importance” of nature-based solutions, including protecting and restoring forests to reduce emissions, absorb carbon and protect biodiversity.
  • It urges developed countries to urgently scale up the provision of finance to help poorer nations adapt, with an at least doubling of their collective provision for adaptation in the mix of funding. In 2019, 25% of the $80 billion channelled into climate finance went to adaptation.
  • It recognises that more finance is needed for developing countries beyond the long-promised $100 billion a year by 2020, which will not be delivered until at least next year.
  • And it recognises the issue of “loss and damage”, calling for more support from developed countries and other organisations to address the damage caused by extreme weather and rising seas in vulnerable nations.

Jane Dalton10 November 2021 12:32


Cop26 agreement to support green shipping routes

Nineteen countries including the UK have agreed to support the creation of zero-emission shipping routes.

The Clydebank Declaration signed at Cop26 says it is the aim of the signatories to assist with the establishment of “at least six green corridors by the middle of this decade”.

There is also an ambition to “scale activity up in the following years”, such as through “more routes, longer routes and/or having more ships on the same routes”.

The declaration added: “It is our aspiration to see many more corridors in operation by 2030. We will assess these goals by the middle of this decade, with a view to increasing the number of green corridors.”

Chiara Giordano10 November 2021 12:05


Efforts to combat climate change should not shun any particular energy source, says Saudi minister

Saudi Arabia’s top energy official has said efforts to combat climate change should not undermine global energy security or shun any particular energy source, and denied the kingdom was seeking to hamper international talks on the issue.

Energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud, from the top producer nation in the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, said at the Cop26 summit: “It is imperative that we recognise the diversity of climate solutions, and the importance of emissions reduction as stipulated in the Paris Agreement, without any bias towards or against any particular source of energy.”

He added that negotiators should be “conscious of the special circumstances of the Less Developed Countries”, some of which have been resisting calls for aggressive moves away from fossil fuels because of the economic costs.

“We should work together to help these countries mitigate the impact of climate change policies, without compromising their sustainable development,” he said.

Chiara Giordano10 November 2021 11:45


Climate performance index leaves top three places blank

A climate performance index launched alongside the Cop26 summit left the top three spots empty, saying no country is doing enough to combat the crisis.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway took the fourth, fifth and sixth spots – the highest ranks attained by any country.

Stuti Mishra has more details:

Chiara Giordano10 November 2021 11:25


90% of domestic flights taken by 2% of people

Some 90 per cent of domestic flights in the UK were taken by just 2 per cent of English flyers in 2019, new analysis of government data has revealed.

Climate charity Possible went through figures from the Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey 2019 and data from the Civil Aviation Authority’s 2018 passenger survey to get a clearer picture of the domestic aviation market, also discovering that the typical domestic flier earns twice the national average salary.

By contrast, around nine in 10 people in the UK never take any domestic flights at all, writes Helen Coffey.

Jon Sharman10 November 2021 11:05


Johnson meets with Bin Salman and pushes for progress in climate negotiations

Boris Johnson spoke on Wednesday with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia about the country’s climate pledges and the need to make “progress in negotiations” taking place in Glasgow, No 10 confirmed.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The prime minister spoke to Mohammed bin Salman … this morning while en route to Cop26 in Glasgow.

“He welcomed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to reach net zero by 2060 and their efforts to transition away from fossil fuels.

“They discussed the importance of making progress in negotiations in the final days of Cop26, including on finalising the outstanding elements of the Paris rulebook.

“The prime minister said all countries needed to come to the table with increased ambition if we are to keep the target of limiting global warming to 1.5C alive.”

Separately, Riyadh’s energy minister told Cop26 he thought no particular energy source should be shunned, according to a Reuters snap report. He also, when asked whether he believed fossil fuels were the main cause of global heating, said the world should focus on mitigating temperature rises.

Saudi Arabia is a major oil producer.

Jon Sharman10 November 2021 10:46


Cop26: Fossil fuel buses and lorries face sales ban from 2040 as transport leads summit agenda

Low-carbon travel leads the agenda on ‘transport day’ at the Cop26 summit as Boris Johnson returns to Glasgow to push for an improved final draft outcome, writes Harry Cockburn.

A group of 13 nations has set out plans to end the sales of diesel and petrol buses and lorries by 2040 — matching an existing UK pledge, and 10 years after the end of petrol and diesel cars.

Described as a “turning point for the global transport sector”, the countries will work together towards an interim target of having 30 per cent of sales of new medium and heavy-duty vehicles being zero-emissions by 2030, with 100 per cent a decade later.

Jon Sharman10 November 2021 10:36


US wants cooperation, not condescension, says Pelosi

The United States wants to help achieve climate success through “collaboration, not … condescension”, according to Nancy Pelosi.

The speaker of the House of Representatives said other nations were further ahead in their goals because of “the dark period” of Donald Trump’s presidency.

However, she claimed “America is back”, adding: “Our president was here, there were many successes that were achieved in collaboration – not dictation or condescension, but in collaboration – with other countries.”

Jon Sharman10 November 2021 10:29


Opinion: How motorsports can help fight the climate crisis

When Nyck de Vries lifted the trophy as the first driver to win the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, his victory signalled more than a cue for biodegradable confetti and champagne corks popping on the podium. writes Jamie Reigle.

The triumph for the 26-year-old Mercedes-EQ team driver was a watershed moment in our seven season history as Formula E. It marked the climax of the first year of competition as an official FIA World Championship.

Jon Sharman10 November 2021 10:17


Ask Me Anything: Caroline Lucas to answer your questions on the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow

It is week two of Cop26. While the first-week saw a flurry of new announcements, attention has now turned to the complex negotiations that underpin the UN climate summit, writes Daisy Dunne.

Caroline Lucas is a Green Party MP who has twice led her party. She has been at Cop26 following the negotiations since the start and on Saturday joined climate protesters on the streets of Glasgow.

On Thursday 11 November at 4pm GMT, she will join me to answer your questions on the Cop26 climate summit and what must happen to get the world on track to meeting its climate goals.

Jon Sharman10 November 2021 09:58

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