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Travelling with a baby? Here’s how to transport with a baby in the car

In the modern era of parenthood, driving is something that one does so frequently but driving with your baby can turn out to be a difficult task sometimes. From the first home ride to the first road trip all that matters is the safety of the baby during travelling and in this case, a little advance planning makes it easier to relax and enjoy the time with your little one.

In order to create awareness on safety and well-being of a child, it would be beneficial to adhere to a few guidelines which will give you an idea of how to travel with a baby in car. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kunal Popat, Founder of R for Rabbit Baby Products Pvt Ltd, shared, “Travelling with a baby is nothing less than an adventure in itself. Parents need to plan and prepare every single detail to ensure the journey is safe, comfortable and seamless for their little one.”

He recommended, “Having a sturdy car seat is surely a must-have but there are other things as well that you need to carry while on the road. Babies can get cranky and irritated on the way and you have to keep them entertained. You can use Teethers and Pacifiers made with BPA-free material to ensure they are engaged and help them calm down. Also, keep all their food, milk and water handy while travelling. Use baby food storage containers and baby-safe sippers to keep them fed and hydrated. A pack of diapers and wipes will definitely be a savior. You never know when an emergency situation might arise and you would need to change them on the way. Keep them within reach for a quick change and keep a trash bag to storage soiled diapers and dispose them off later.”

For the new moms, he advised, “It is highly suggested to keep a manual or electric breast pump with you in case you need to express milk on the go. Keep the feeding bottles as well to store the breast milk safely. Last but not the least; carry a spacious diaper bag to store all items in. Many breast pumps have insulated pockets, changing mats as well as USB slot to make your journey easier. Pack all these up and start your journey while enjoying every moment with your baby.”

Bringing his expertise to the same, Rajesh Vohra, CEO of Artsana India in assistance with Chicco Research Centre, suggested:

1. Install an appropriate and safety certified car seat in your vehicle

When considering safety precautions for your infant while travelling, baby car seat is a must. Holding the baby on your lap is never a safe way to travel because in case of any impact, the effective body weight becomes manyfold making it impossible to hold by hands. Moreover, the car seat is much more comfortable for the baby to sit instead of sitting on lap.

2. Choose the right car seat

Please ensure that you are choosing a car seat which is a right fit for your baby depending on the weight of the baby and/ or the height of the baby. You should also check if it is fitting well in your car. Make sure you have read the instruction handbook completely so that you install it in the right position, right facing (rearward facing or forward facing) and the adjustment of air-bags where the baby car seat is being fixed.

It is always recommended that you buy the car seat of a reputed brand that have the technical know-how and have rich experience of making baby car seats because it’s a safety equipment and you cannot take chances with it. In fact, it will be a good idea to call up the brand and get all your queries answered so as to make the right choice.

3. Pack the car with all the right things

Babies tend to get irritable when they are inside a car for an extended period of time while travelling. Therefore, be careful to take everything necessary to keep them engaged. Pack their food, toys, blankets, diapers, and wipes. Whether the trip is short or lengthy, it can be made a success and joyful by keeping the infant occupied and stress-free.

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