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Travelling this summer? Check out this holiday packing list with vacation must-haves

With the summer season here, there are inevitable questions of vacations and when one hears vacation, travelling is all that clouds one’s mind. Summers remind us especially of that time of the year when hot tea becomes less favoured and lemon soda becomes a go-to option. 

That is what everyone wants and prefers as an essential need which is to keep yourself hydrated even while traveling. When we say travelling, apart from excitement, packing is the most important thing that clogs our mind.

Whether you plan a vacation close to home or travel abroad, packing your bags smartly is the first order of business. When packing for a holiday in the summer, a must-have packing list is all we need.

Worried already? We got you all covered with some pointers for packing from experts. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Aditya Arya, Co-founder of Yes Madam, insisted that packing wisely equals less worry and more enjoyment when on vacation. He listed some summer vacation must-haves to keep in hand in order to put the ease in easy living at your summer vacation, from arid air to saline coasts and every travel place in between:

1. Vacation reads – Read a travel lovers book list before you decide on your next adventure.

2. New socks – You don’t want to wear sweaty socks especially everyday when talking about summers. Carry an extra pair of socks.

3. Hats and sunglasses – Whether it’s wide-brimmed or floppy, keep one in your carry-on bag to avoid getting crushed. Wear it on your journey if possible, and don’t forget your shades. You’ll need those while relaxing by the pool.

4. Comfortable clothes – Cotton is unsurprisingly the most common summer fabric and is light weight hence this fabric is ideal for summertime. Summer friendly clothes are essential.

5. Skincare essentials – Taking care of skin in summer can be very crucial and if failed it can lead to bad results. Let’s have a look on some skincare essentials one needs to pack on there summer holidays :

i) Opt for a good skincare routine – Maintain a skin care routine that you stick to. Gel based (for dry skin) and water based (for oily skin) products are more lightweight and non-greasy than cream-based products. Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing your skin twice a day will keep it clean and fresh.

ii) Maintain skin hydration – During the heat, staying hydrated is essential. After washing your face at night, use a hydrating face mask for extra moisture. To keep your skin fresh, splash it with water or carry a facial mist with you all times and don’t forget to drink water and fruit juice even when travelling.

iii) BB cream – What good is foundation when it’s going to melt off your face? Carry a BB cream for your skin and say bye bye to foundations in the heats of summer.

iv) All moist and fresh – Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Moisturizer for moist and fresh skin, Toner for disinfecting the face, and Cleanser for the removal of all the dirt from the skin.

v) Face wipes – Face wipes must be kept on hand. Simply wipe your face with one when your skin feels tired, and it will instantly moisturize and revive your skin.

vi) Sunscreen – Going on a vacation and experiencing sunblock would be insane. It’s not so much about avoiding a tan as it is about protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause skin cancer. Use a UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen.

A vacation is your long awaited chance to relax and refresh your depleted batteries. Don’t let skin issues ruin your vacation. Remember to drink plenty of water to make your inexpensive skincare routine even more effective.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Mannat, owner of Mannat Makeovers too shared a holiday packing list of skincare essentials that can come handy while travelling in summers:

1. Oil-blotting sheets – Try oil-blotting papers as they absorb sweat and oil without messing with your makeup this summer.

2. Anti-dandruff/fungal shampoo – Nizral 2% Solution, 50 ml belongs to a family of Alniche Life Sciences & class of Drugs called ‘antifungal’ primarily used to treat fungal infections of the skin. It works by killing fungi and yeast. It is available in both topical and oral dosage forms.

3. Lightweight moisturizer – It’s super important to have a great lightweight moisturizer on hand at all times to keep your skin happy and healthy.

4. Travel-sized face cleanser – Keep your face blemish-free by packing your face cleanser in a small TSA-friendly bottle for a satisfying, deep facial cleanse.

5. Serious sunscreen – The most important thing to pack is some heavy-duty sunscreen. Don’t let your skin suffer under harmful UV rays while you’re out. For the best skin protection in the summer use SPF over 45+ if you’re going in and out.

6. Makeup wipes – Be sure to pack some always-handy makeup removing wipes to keep your skin blemish-free during your vacay.

7. Cooling spray – Cooling Spray will keep your skin feeling hydrated even in the worst heat. Simply spray the mist on your face for a refreshing experience

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