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Travel and love: Blending romance with relaxation

From the past one and half year, travel plans have largely eluded us. But as the world slowly opens up again, travellers are looking to quench their wanderlust. Indeed, for couples searching for the perfect travel destination, a romantic getaway can be the right option to unwind, relax and make memories together.

There is something very special — and beautiful — about travelling with someone you’re head over heels in love with. From a beach excursion to a city that twinkles under the glow of stars, there are many charming spots to consider for couples, who love to explore through rose-coloured glasses.

“As travel sentiment continues to revive, we believe spontaneous, experiential but relaxed trips will be favoured by couples who are seeking to not only spend quality time together but to also rejuvenate and shrug off the pandemic fatigue,” says Ashish Dhruva, senior vice president – marketing and customer engagement, InterMiles.

Travelling with the person you love is the best way to rediscover your passion. India is full of such choices, but what matters most is to know what brings a magical smile to your partner’s face. “Right from isolated Andaman beaches to temple sculptures in Khajuraho, the options are enormous. If you are a beach lover, you can surely add romance in the air by sipping together your favourite margarita, with white sand beneath your feet at the beautiful huts in South Goa. Or experience living like a royal in a luxury houseboat at Kumarakom backwaters in Kerala,” says Saurabh Tuteja, travel influencer and general secretary of enterprising travel agents association (North India).

With grand palaces and picturesque locations, Udaipur has its unique romantic ambiance

With its pink-hued palaces overlooking a series of placid lakes, Udaipur in Rajasthan is one of India’s most romantic cities. Sparkling serene lakes, hills and the vibrant markets add a certain aura and magic to the royal city. “Udaipur is a place of majestic beauty. I love that you are seated in the centre of history, where battles were fought, vows were made, and love stories founded. It’s this fabric of life that makes our existence romantic. The grandeur of the palaces is captivating and you find yourself lost in a fantasy world,” says Shivali Bhammer, contemporary devotional singer and travel enthusiast.

If tremendous landscapes set your heart aflutter, there isn’t a better way to celebrate your love than exploring the high altitudes. “Manali and Shimla have the pahadi cozy vibe. Experiences such as the small dhabas and the markets are so much fun,” says Sheelaa M Bajaj, life coach and relationship expert.

Famous for its botanical gardens, rose gardens, lakes and several peaks, makes Ooty a romantic destination. Mohit Mehta, Director, Around World Hospitality Private Limited believes its the Avalanche Lake – that is the most romantic and adventurous place near Ooty, and offers a perfect break from the world to couples.

Tuteja feels when it comes to romantic destinations, one can’t ignore the charm of Jammu and Kashmir, “Enjoying a steaming hot Kahwah with someone you love in snowing Gulmarg is an experience of lifetime,” he adds.

So pick your choice as its time to seek a getaway built for two, and finally put that ‘do not disturb’ sign to use.

1. Choose a destination wisely

It’s difficult to find a location that would work beautifully for both partners. But a little creativity and flexibility would help to find the sweet spot.

Admire the blue water and take a walk hand in hand on miles of pristine beaches in Goa or Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Photo: Shutterstock)
Admire the blue water and take a walk hand in hand on miles of pristine beaches in Goa or Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Photo: Shutterstock)

2. Don’t let work kill the vibe

There is nothing more annoying than bringing work to a holiday. So switch off those office emails and calls and make time to connect with each other. “The most romantic getaways are always off beat locations with limited access to technology which gives you time to unwind and reconnect with your partner. You can have each other’s undivided attention,” says Jubie Jain , Travel and lifestyle influencer.

3. Be innovative

Infuse a sense of fun and creativity in the trip to make it memorable. Try new cuisines, tandem biking, couples dancing, paragliding together, or just take long walks that a busy city life doesn’t offer time for. “Wake up to the sight of a sunrise or snow covered mountains or a river flowing, thus creating memories to cherish forever,” adds Jain.

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