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Things to keep in mind while travelling in monsoon season

Monsoon season is very pleasant for everyone . The neither too hot nor too cold weather makes it perfect for travelling and discovering new places. The smell of damp soil and grass, the sound of rain crashing onto the earth and a hot cup of tea is something we all adore about rainy days. However, it is also the season which brings infections, accidents and natural disasters. Therefore we have made a list that you can keep in mind while planning your monsoon trip. (Also read: 6 stunning monsoon getaways in India to enjoy the rainy season)

1. Choosing a destination

If you are going on a road trip make sure to choose a destination which is safe to travel. Check the route beforehand as many times rains washed away roads can leave you stuck for hours. Avoid travelling at night and taking rough and bumpy roads. Avoid going to hilly areas as landslides, floods and mudslides are on the rise in higher altitude areas during monsoon. Do proper research before choosing a destination.

2. Make sure to carry extra clothes

Carry a pair of extra clothes and towels for all the family members so that you can change when you get wet. Carry more synthetic fabrics that are easy to dry and lightweight. Get a few warm clothes in your backpack that can prevent you from getting sick.

3. Carry your own food and water bottle

Monsoon gives rise to many waterborne diseases, therefore, avoid eating roadside food or having water from public places. Unhygienic food can cause diseases such as food poisoning, diarrhoea and stomach ache. Carry light or ready-to-eat food. Seasonal fruits are always a good option to include on your menu while travelling. Make sure to carry bottled water and it would be even better if you can boil it before drinking.

4. Carry waterproof bags

Carry waterproof bags to keep your stuff safe. In case you don’t have waterproof travel bags get a waterproof cover for your luggage. Who doesn’t love to click good pictures during travel? Getting your phone or camera damaged is the last thing you want while travelling therefore make sure you carry transparent, airtight, waterproof covers to keep your electronic devices safe.

5. Extra precautions while clicking pictures

Clicking pictures in rain can be very exciting but many times waterfalls are full of water and rains cause a flood-like situation in many areas. In these situations, many times people often go very close to them to take selfies or photos, which sometimes becomes a cause of big accidents. Be extra vigilant and careful while clicking pictures. Avoid going to risky areas for the sake of clicking pictures.

6. Carry a medical box

Monsoon season gives rise to many diseases. Make sure you have a mini medical first aid box to protect you from common illnesses or infections while you travel. It should have mosquito roll on or repellents. Carry a few medicines for the common cold, fever, flu etc. Apart from that, you can have a thermometer, painkillers, hand sanitiser, and bandages in your medical kit for precaution.

7. Monsoon essentials

Rains are unpredictable. A sudden shower of rain can leave you all wet therefore make sure to have a large lightweight umbrella and raincoats which can properly cover you and protect you from getting drenched in rain. You can wear rain boots to protect your feet. Avoid wearing fancy shoes or high heel sandals.

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