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Greece’s travel rules most googled by Brits in 2021

Greece was the most googled destination for the search term “travel restrictions” in 2021 – with more Britons searching for the holiday magnet’s rules than the UK’s own.

Data released by Google today shows that “Greece travel restrictions” was the top most searched above “UK travel restrictions”, with rules for the US, Spain and Portugal the next most popular.

Italy, Scotland, France, Germany and Croatia made up the rest of the top 10.

Google’s Year in Search report also revealed that “Travel update UK” was the most searched phrase around the topic “travel”, as UK holidaymakers scrambled to find out the ever-changing government rules.

“PCR tests for travel” was next most-googled, with the surprising “caravan holidays” in third place, reflecting the trend for shorter-haul driving holidays and self-contained breaks in private accommodation.

“Portugal holidays” was next most searched for the topic travel, beating even “travel green list” as a topic for holiday hunters.

The city of York also ranked high with Google’s travel fans, with “Hotels in York” being the most popular search term around the word hotels.

Edinburgh and Manchester were the second most searched locations for hotels, in a mostly UK-based top 10 of search terms – only Paris scraped in as an international number 10 for searches around hotels.

Top destinations Brits were researching in 2021

  1. Greece travel restrictions
  2. UK travel restrictions
  3. US travel restrictions
  4. Spain travel restrictions
  5. Portugal travel restrictions
  6. Italy travel restrictions
  7. Travel restrictions Scotland
  8. France travel restrictions
  9. Croatia travel restrictions
  10. Germany travel restrictions

Top cities for hotel searches:

  1. Hotels in York
  2. Hotels in Edinburgh
  3. Manchester hotels
  4. Hotels London
  5. Hotels in Blackpool
  6. Hotels in Brighton
  7. Liverpool hotels
  8. Hotels in Bath
  9. Chester hotels
  10. Paris hotels

Top searches under the topic travel:

  1. Travel update UK
  2. PCR test for travel
  3. Caravan holidays
  4. Portugal holidays
  5. Travel green list
  6. International travel
  7. Travel corridors
  8. Greece travel restrictions
  9. Travel to France from UK
  10. Malta holidays
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