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‘Gave her the D’: Crude T-shirts cause a stir at Disneyland

A set of novelty Disney-themed T-shirts have sparked a social media debate, with some Disney World lovers calling for a stricter dress code.

“I wanted the D”, reads the woman’s T-shirt, with the ‘D’ stylised like the one in Disney’s logo.

The slogan on the matching man’s one reads: “I gave her the D”.

Sam Carter posted a photo of the offending shirts on Twitter, obscuring the wearers’ faces and captioning the image: “D is for Don’t”.

“I realize it’s [some people’s] right to get fired up about it if they want,” Carter told Yahoo!.

“It’s also my right to tweet my opinion. I covered the people’s faces because it felt like the right thing to do since it wasn’t about them personally – clown emojis seemed appropriate.”

The couple – who were visiting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California – are demonstrably not in violation of the Disney theme parks dress code, which is stated as: “Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times.”

The only real no-no at the mega-brand’s theme parks is adults in Disney costumes or masks – no one over the age of 14 is allowed to wear those, lest they be confused with staff.

“Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics” can also be grounds for being turned away at the gates, as can “objectionable tattoos”.

But the novelty T-shirts – needless to say, not an official Disney product – proved unpopular with many fans of the parks.

“I do love seeing the shirts people come up with – it’s a fun part of the Disney experience,” one Disneyland fan and mum of two, Aliette Silva, told Yahoo!. “But shirts about ‘getting the D?’ I see them everywhere. Like, we get the joke. They’re overdone at this point.”

“I work at a daycare and any kind of sexual explicit shirt or outfit would get me a write up. It’s simply not appropriate attire when around children… Point blank. Kids ask questions. The older kids can read,” tweeted user @_krissteelee_.

“I agree with it being ‘tacky’. They just want the attention. Feel bad that this is what they have to resort to to get it,” tweeted @ScootX2.

Others defended the T-shirts as lighthearted, with Twitter user Suzanne replying, “It’s literally just the letter D. Let people have fun.”

Similar shirts are currently on sale at Etsy for £36 each.

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