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When Will Online Sports Betting be Legal in NY?


New York online and mobile sports betting is expected to be live in January or early February.

It’s the question sports fans in New York have been asking:

When will online sports betting be legal in NY?

Technically, sports betting is legal in New York. In-person wagering has been legal since 2013, but the online aspect hasn’t had the easiest path. That was until April 2021, when then-governor Andrew Cuomo signed New York’s 2022 budget, which includes a plan to legalize online sports betting in the state.

Then in November, the New York State Gaming Commission approved nine sports betting app operators for licensing. Those approved are FanDuel, DraftKings, Bally Bet, BetMGM, Caesars Entertainment, Genting, PointsBet, Rush Street Interactive, and Wynn Resorts. But as of now, none of those operators are up and running, so you can’t place an online sports bet in New York just yet.

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Is It Legal to Bet Online in NY?

Right now, you can’t bet online in New York State. While you can play Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) on FanDuel, one of the app operators who will be able to take online sports bets once launched, the site isn’t taking wagers for live sporting events.

If you’re in New York and you visit the FanDuel Sportsbook website, you’ll be directed to a screen listing the states where the app is live. And, as of now, New York isn’t one of them.

The app uses your mobile device’s location service to determine where you are. And if you’re in New York, you will be prompted to get email updates on the status of FanDuel Sportsbook in NY so you’ll have all the details as they become available.

You can create a FanDuel Sportsbook online betting account on the company’s website and visit states that have legalized online wagering and place your bets there.

If you’re a New York resident, you’re in luck as bordering states New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania have legalized online sports betting so you won’t have to travel far.

Next Steps for New York Online & Mobile Sports Betting

Now that the first steps to legalizing online sports betting in New York have been made and the nine sportsbooks that will accept wagers have been identified, what comes next?

There are a few hurdles left before the sportsbooks go live. There has been no launch date set. There is still plenty of paperwork and significant server testing to be done.

The New York State Gaming Commission has stated the nine operators can launch when they are ready, but they’ll need to choose one of the four New York state commercial casinos to host their servers and must get approval for the location.

New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr., the state chairman of the Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering, recently spoke with Legal Sports Report about the next steps.

Addabbo asked the NY Gaming Commission to set one date for all nine sportsbooks to go live, but didn’t suggest a start date himself.

Addabbo told the news outlet: “It would just be better for the consumer of New York, really, and the industry if we all got a single start date. Now if an operator is unable to meet that start date set by the gaming commission that’d be unfortunate for them. But it would be fair and also better for the consumer instead of a haphazard who can start, who can’t start.”

The senator, who represents the 15th district in Long Island, has said in the past he expects the first bets to take place during the NFL playoffs and to be fully operational for the Super Bowl, which is scheduled for Sunday, February 13, 2022.

“We are still expecting that first bet to be in the NFL playoffs, and then of course to be fully up and running by the Super Bowl. We’re still on par for that,” Addabbo told Elite Sports New York.

Legal Sports Betting Options in Connecticut, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

If you’re a New York resident looking for a way to bet on sports legally, you can travel to New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania, all states that have launched online sports betting.

The rules for participation in each state are the same: You must be at least 21 years old and be physically present in the state you’re making the bet in.

Simply create an account with FanDuel Sportsbook, deposit money into your account, and are you set to legally place wagers in any of these states. It doesn’t matter what state you live in.

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Is it Legal to Bet Online in Connecticut?

Yes. It’s legal to bet online in Connecticut. Connecticut fully launched online sports betting back on October 19, 2021, and FanDuel has partnered with Mohegan Sun.

You must be at least 21 years old and present in Connecticut in order to place online wagers. There you’ll be able to bet on NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and many more domestic and international sports and contests. You can also bet on college sports, but not on Connecticut college sports teams. The only exception is when they are playing in tournaments with four or more teams, like the March Madness college basketball tournament.

Is it Legal to Bet Online in New Jersey?

Yes, it’s legal to bet online in New Jersey. Online sports betting has been in New Jersey for a number of years now and the state boasts one of the largest volume of wagering in the United States.

FanDuel has a sportsbook at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment right next to MetLife Stadium and Bally’s Casino. They launched in September 2018 in the state.

Again, you must be 21 or over and physically present in New Jersey to make online sports wagers. Name a sport and you can likely bet on it, both domestic and international leagues.

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Is it Legal to Bet Online in Pennsylvania?

Yes, it’s legal to bet online in Pennsylvania. Online sports betting in Pennsylvania launched on May 31, 2019, with FanDuel entering the action in July of that year. FanDuel has a sportsbook at the Valley Forge Casino in King of Prussia.

Like all states, you must 21 years of age and present in Pennsylvania to place online sports bets.
You can place wagers on most professional (domestic and international) and college sports. There’s never a shortage of bets.

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How Does FanDuel Online Sports Betting Work?

First, you need to create a FanDuel Sportsbook online betting account. That’s simple enough.

There are a number of different ways to bet on FanDuel. Straight bets consist of wagering on the point spread, money line, and the total (over/under). Other ways to play are with prop bets, parlays, and teasers.

How Much Does the FanDuel Sportsbook Cost to Join?

FanDuel is free to join! Though in order to place online bets, you’ll need to deposit money into your account after it’s created. They also run promotions for first-time users, often matching a percentage of your first deposit amount, among other promos. They’re usually available on a limited-time basis, so what offer you get depends on when you sign up.

How Do I Receive My Winnings?

So let’s say you’ve won some bets and are looking to withdraw some of your winnings. Not a problem. There are a number of ways to do that, including PayPal, Venmo, Prepaid Card, Check, and Online Banking. Although not every state offers all these withdrawal options, so you’ll have to check FanDuel’s “Withdrawal” page.

If you want to make a withdrawal via Venmo, PayPal, Online Banking, or a Prepaid Card, you will have had to make a deposit by one of those methods.

And you’ll get your money quickly. PayPal and Venmo take up to 48 hours to be approved for withdrawal and once approved your money will be available in about an hour. Ditto for Prepaid Card users on the approval time, but once approved your money is available immediately.

The Online Banking method will take 3-5 days to process, while those who choose to receive their funds by check can expect a 7-10 business day wait.

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