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‘TFT’ Patch 12.23 Set 8: Here are the important changes in ‘Teamfight Tactics’

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“TFT” Set 8 finally arrived on December 7, 2022, bringing with it new content such as new “Teamfight Tactics” mechanics such as Hero Augments and the 59 champions in the Eighth Set called Monster Attack. Here are some important game changes based on the “TFT” Patch 12.23 notes.

‘TFT’ Set 8 introduces Anvils, new keywords

As a new “Teamfight Tactics” set, new and casual TFT players might be a bit overwhelmed as there is a lot of information for Set Eight. For instance, the new set has introduced new mechanics into the game such as Anvils and keywords.

At Stages 5-7 and 6-7, “TFT” Set 8 will introduce new system mechanics like boss battles while an Anvil drops, which can be sold to open an Armory, will start at Stage 4-7, according to DOT Esports. Armories with item components will be showcased in Stage 4-7 Anvils while completed items will be featured in Boss Battle Anvils.

New keywords have been introduced in “TFT” Set 8. Keywords simplify tooltip definitions making it a lot easier for plays as they no longer have to scroll through multiple sentences.

System changes in ‘TFT’ Set 8

The “Teamfight Tactics” team has noted some confusion between Physical and Magical spells among players. With the aim of simplifying the rules, the team has introduced some changes in “TFT” Set 8.

“Physical spells now work like Magic spells,” the team wrote in the Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.23 notes. “They can no longer be dodged or missed, but they also can’t crit without something like a Jeweled Gauntlet that allows your spells to crit.”
Meanwhile, Critical Strike Chance over 100% is now converted to bonus Critical Strike Damage at a 2:1 ratio. The team also reduced Grievous Wounds from 50% to 30%.

Changes to AD have been introduced in “TFT” Set 8 as well. “Attack Damage bonuses have all been changed from flat bonuses (+10) to percent bonuses (+10%). This percent bonus scales off a unit’s base Attack Damage and does not scale with other sources of Attack Damage,” the team added.

Hero Augments

One of the most exciting changes in “TFT” Set 8 is the introduction of Hero Augments. “Hero Augments allow you to choose one of three options to empower a champion as the leader of the super squad you assemble,” the team said.
Each champion has two Hero Augments. One of these is more supportive while the other is more carry-oriented.

“All players are offered a Hero Augment at the same time during one of the three Augment Armories (2-1, 3-2, 4-2). Each player is offered Hero Augments of the same cost bucket,” the team explained, but also cautioned that there is a 5 percent chance that a game will not feature a Hero Augment, which means that there is some luck involved.

The cost of a Hero Augment will differ depending on the Armory. “2-1 Armories can only offer Hero Augments for 1 and 2-cost units OR 2 and 3-cost units. 3-2 Armories can only offer Hero Augments for 2 and 3-cost units OR 3 and 4-cost units. 4-2 Armories can only offer Hero Augments for 3 and 4-cost units OR 4 and 5-cost units,” the team explained.

“TFT” Set 8 has 118 different Hero Augments available. The team has also brought back “over 100 Augments from past sets, as well as 63 Heart, Crown, Crest, and Soul Augments for our new traits.”


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