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PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Leaks: New update likely to arrive in early January 2023

The Erangel is huge and varied. It’s an instantly classic bit of design.

‘PUBG Mobile’ 2.7 Update leaks are already starting to surface despite the recent launch of the 2.3 Update in mid-November. While fans are still enjoying the FIFA World Cup-themed content of the recent patch, some are already excited to know what’s coming next to one of the world’s most popular Battle Royale titles.

To satisfy the curiosity of these fans, we’ve gathered the latest ‘PUBG Mobile’ 2.7 Update leaks out there. Readers must keep in mind that none of these leaks have been confirmed yet.

‘PUBG Mobile’ 2.4 Update leaks suggest it might arrive next month

According to, there’s a good chance that the highly anticipated “PUBG” Mobile 2.4 update might arrive in January 2023. “As of now, t However, the mentioned date is not official. So, players can wait a few more days to have more insights,” the publication added.

Previous reports actually support this speculation. As previously reported by IBT, the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update is the sixth and final big update for the year. This means that the next update will arrive by January at the earliest.

Winter & New Year combination theme

Assuming that the “PUBG Mobile” 2.4 update arrives in early January, the report also offered a suggestion on what the theme might be. “We can expect the Winter & New Year theme to combine to introduce new collaboration and other adjustments.,” the publication wrote.

As usual, fans can also expect some weapon balancing, new maps, and characters to be introduced but it’s too early to speculate on the specifics at this point.

Official Aftermath Mode

Meanwhile, the Official Aftermath mode will soon be introduced into the game. However, it will arrive before the launch of the “PUBG Mobile” 2.4 Update.

Rather, it will be introduced as part of the 2.3 Update, according to the trailer, First introduced in beta, several changes have been made to the new aftermath such as a new system that lets people recover health faster, according to


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