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Sweepstake casinos and social casinos are booming in the US

Since the inception of casinos in Italy in 1638 by Ridotto in an effort to create a controllable and safe gambling environment, there has been huge interest in casinos worldwide. Casinos spread like wildfire in continental Europe during the 19th century, making them a favorite place for people to go to unwind.

Online casinos are just like physical casinos, but you get to play on your device without leaving your comfort zone. These online casinos also offer the same variety of games as a physical casino, making them the preferred choice for many. There are different types of online casinos. While some are made so you can bet real money, there are others where you are only allowed to stake using virtual cash or coins provided for you.

As we dive into the two major types of no cash deposit online casinos, we will also discuss the reasons why these online casinos are now thriving across the US.

Sweepstake casino

A sweepstake casino is a model of an online gambling site that allows players to play games with gold coins and sweep coins. Gold coins and sweep coins are virtual currencies that you can use in your online games but cannot be bought with real money, so there is no risk of real money loss at a sweepstake casino.

While you can get loads of free gold coins through registration, sweep coins are won during games. The difference between these coins is that gold coin winnings can never be swapped for real-life cash, which means any turnover or wins made using gold coins stay in the game. When you acquire sweep coins, and you decide to gamble with them instead of gold coins, you can swap these sweep coins for real-life money. Sweep coins cannot be bought with real-life money or accumulated gold coins, and you must win them by playing games.

Social casino

Social casinos have been here for a while, and they keep gaining more ground. This could be related to the fact that you can’t lose real money while gambling.

A social casino is a free-to-play, online, interactive and non-cash-based version of a real casino. Even though a social casino is a no-money zone, you might still need to make some in-app purchases of coins to play the games. This type of online casino doesn’t allow you to win real-life money but allows you to play games and interact with other players, just like social media but with casino games.

Why sweepstakes and social casinos are booming in the US?

Both sweepstake casinos and social casinos have become the order of the day in the US. While some online casinos are illegal and banned in some states in the US, sweepstake and social casinos are available everywhere in every state in the country. Even though these online gambling models and sites have no games that directly allow you to win cash prices, they offer the same opportunity to win coins and climb up the social leader board.

The boom in popularity of these casinos in virtual gambling is not surprising as they require little or no commitment compared to the other types of online casinos where you have to play with real money to win real money. In the US, there are laws in place that favor the players and make them feel safe enough to invest their time and energy in sweepstake and social casinos.


The most distinct difference and advantage that sweepstake casinos and social casinos have over traditional physical casinos is that you can never bet your real money. The only thing you can purchase is gold coins, which are also given out upon registration and as a prize for winning games. Sweep coins are the only coins that can be swapped for real money when won. However, they can’t be purchased, but instead are won through games or issued as bonuses for purchasing gold coins.

This means you don’t have to spend your money. You can get gold coins by simply registering, winning games or logging in daily to get the coins as a daily or hourly bonus. Gold coins cannot be exchanged for sweep coins, but you can win sweep coins by playing games with gold coins. The laws and rules make the games easy to play without losing your money. Playing with these virtual coins will also provide experience in the gambling world if you intend to move on to other online casino games where you can stake and win real money.

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