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Sports News Wrap For July

July has been a tumultuous month for sports fans, with lots of ups and downs for all. Regular sports betters may have missed out on a few key wins too, but with the likes of the Caesars Maryland app, they might be in with a better chance next month. So, let’s take a deeper dive into this month’s sports news, with our complete wrap-up for July.

📌 Carolina Panther’s New Look

As well as having a new quarterback by the name of Baker Mayfield, the Carolina Panthers are also debuting a new look. Revealing their new alternate kit, an all-black style with brand new helmets to match, the Panthers are looking better than ever. Brian Burns, Panther’s defensive player, believes that their new dark look will bring out the best in the team. The defense side of the team is notorious for their dark side, so their new look matches them perfectly. Their drastic new uniform will make its first appearance when the Panthers play the Falcons this November. Let’s see if it really does bring out the beast in them!

📌 Trade Completed For Baker Mayfield

Speaking of the Carolina Panthers, they seem to have acquired a new star quarterback by the name of Baker Mayfield. However, Mayfield actually took a $3.5 million pay cut to join the Panthers, leaving many questioning why he would ever do that. However, it’s been rumored that he could earn it all back, and more, via incentives. One of these incentives requires Mayfield to play at least 75% of the games and help the Panthers hit 10 wins. If he manages to do this, then he’ll be awarded $250,000. If the Panthers get into the top 5 in NFC or top 10 in NFL, then he’ll receive another cash sum of $300,000 as well. So, although he may have taken a pay cut, there is a chance that he can earn it back. Who knows what this season will bring for the Panthers and Mayfield?

📌 Gary Moeller Passes Away

The sad news that former Michigan and Detroit Lions coach Gary Moeller has passed away at the age of 81 hit headlines this month. Hailed as a two-time Big Ten coach, Moeller was beloved by family and fans alike. Even when he faced setbacks like being fired as the Lions coach for losing a championship game, Moeller is thought to have never complained and taken it like a man. That will be the legacy that Gary Moeller leaves behind.

📌 Sandra Douglass Morgan Makes History

The former chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board has been officially named as the team president for the Las Vegas Raiders. This title makes Morgan the first black woman to hold this position in an NFL team, a moment in history that she’ll never forget. Morgan is said to have a passion for the city after being a resident for over 40 years and her retired veteran father makes her proud to be a citizen of her country.

📌 Another First For Women In Sports

Speaking of firsts, another milestone has been hit for women around the world. Sam Kerr, the female Australian striker has become the first woman to ever grace the cover of FIFA, the football video game. The Chelsea star won the Golden Boot and scored 20 goals within just 20 games, demonstrating her skill and passion for the sport. Kerr is no stranger to firsts, as she’s also the first player, male or female, to score a hat-trick in a World Cup game as she scored an impressive 5 goals against France in 2019. She’s also been named Player of the Year, further proving why she deserves to be on the global cover of FIFA.  

📌 Popular Figure Skater Retires

Although figure skating might not be the number one sport in the US, one competitor made a name for himself worldwide. Japanese national Yuzuru Hanyu has officially announced that he will be retiring from the sport, ending his incredible career. In his announcement, Hanyu did say that although he’s stepping down from figure skating, he’s not giving up sorts completely and will remain a professional athlete. After winning two gold medals at the Olympics, and breaking world records, it’s safe to say that his figure skating career has been a good one. We can only hope that we’ll be able to see him perform again one day!

This month’s sports news has been full of firsts for women and exciting trades for football teams. There has also been some sadder news and retiring announcements, but a new season brings renewed hope. August may have some surprises in store for us, so be sure to keep an eye out on the sports section of QNewsCrunch for the latest sports news!

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