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‘TFT’ patch 12.23 release date, notes: Augments return in TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack

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“TFT” patch 12.23 is here marking the start of a new Set in “Teamfight Tactic.” Called Monster Attack, here’s what we know about “TFT” Set 8.

‘TFT’ patch 12.23 release date

The “TFT” patch 12.23 release date is on December 7, 2022, according to Dexerto. Depending on the location, servers typically shut down at around 5 am local time and reopen at 8 am.
The patch will be released first in Oceania, with announcements often made as the update begins in Australia. The rollout for other regions will start within the following 24 hours.

‘Teamfight Tactics’ patch 12.23 to launch TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack

“TFT” patch 12.23 signals the launch of the game’s eighth set called Monsters Attack. Since it is basically a new set, players can expect massive changes outside of the base mechanics.

Once it goes live, there will be a new roster of champions and traits in Monster Attack “TFT” Set 8 will also introduce new mechanics such as Item Anvils and Hero Augments.

Augments returns in Monsters Attack

Back in February, Riot Games indicated its reluctance to make Hero Augments a permanent “Teamfight Tactics” feature despite its overwhelmingly positive reception by the community. However, it appears that the developer is changing its mind as Augments will be making its comeback in “TFT” Set 8. However, players will likely notice that there are some differences between the Set 8 Augments and what the past Augments such as the Hextech Augments and Draconic Augments in the last two sets.

In “TFT” Set 8, Hero Augments will be champion-specific power-ups rather than team-wide like the Augments in past sets. “Players can build their own superhero each session thanks to all-new Hero Augments,” Riot said in November 1, according to Dexerto. “These don’t spread their powers across the entire team like Augments have done in the past. Instead, players pick a single Hero Augment from a wide array of options, supercharging that particular champion.”

“Team-wide Regular Augments still exist in TFT Set 8, but Hero Augments are the star of the show,” Dexerto noted. “Each champion has a ‘carry’ and ‘support’ option, and when a Hero Augment shop is offered to players at either Stage 2-1, 3-2, or 4-2, they can select from three of them.”

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