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Man saved from deportation by MP and celebrities kills in broad daylight over drug-related incident


After fighting over drugs, Jamaican national Ernesto Elliot slashed a man to death in broad daylight. The Sun reports that surveillance footage taken by residents of the area shows the brawl involving four men lunging at each other with knives, machetes and a hammer.

Ernesto Elliott and his 23-year-old son robbed and killed Nathaniel Eyewu-Ago in a knife fight. The victim collapsed after being stabbed through the heart and suffered for six days before dying in the hospital.

Elliott was one of 23 criminals set to be deported but saved after 60 prominent figures, including international celebrities, authors and politicians, signed an open letter opposing the deportation. Among these signatories are supermodel Naomi Campbell, “James Bond” actress Naomie Harris and several Labour Members of Parliament.

Elliott has since been jailed and is facing a sentence of at least 26 years for murder. His jail time reportedly cost the British taxpayer more than ÂŁ1.3 million.

Former home secretary Ms Patel, who oversaw the attempt to remove Elliott, said this unfortunate case showed why it was crucial to defy “do-gooders” who try to block deportations. She said: “This case is exactly why we must continue to defy the protestations from the Labour Party, the do-gooding celebrities and immigration lawyers and remove convicted foreign criminals, rapists, murders, child abusers and drug dealers who have no right to be in this country.”

Meanwhile, recruiters and business groups are blaming the hold on economic growth on labour shortages in UK employment. At the same time, the MP for Stoke-on-Trent North has caused uproar after calling his constituents “scrotes” and “scumbags.” Tories in power for the last 13 years are being called out for their poor behaviour.

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