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‘GTA 6’ news: Did Rockstar include ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ teasers in new ‘GTA Online’ update?

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As Rockstar Games continues to remain tight-lipped about “GTA 6,” fans are becoming more creative as they try to uncover more details about the title. While various leaks were the usual sources of information in the past, the latest one appears to have come from Rockstar itself via “GTA Online.”

Fans are now speculating that the latest weekly update for “GTA Online” might also contain a potential “GTA 6” tease based on the Taxi Job artwork and other hints, according to However, it must be noted that there’s no guarantee that the new content in the Taxi Job update actually references “GTA VI” as could also be just a coincidence.

“Rockstar used the same art style for the taxi event in GTA Online as is seen in the book ‘Miami Taxi Vibes.’ Could be nothing, but it’s a very interesting coincidence considering we also just got the cab shirt everyone had been speculating about,” Gaming Detective wrote on Twitter.

Sporskeeda detailed why the artwork for the Taxi Work update appears to be similar to the Miami Taxi Vibes book. Both are about taxis, the use of a yellow and black colour scheme, and the black buildings with a yellow skyline. “GTA 6 has been confirmed to take place in Vice City via the leaks, which has connections to Miami,” the publication added.

While it cannot be completely ruled out that the similarities are just purely coincidental, the theory that it might be referencing the upcoming “GTA 6” has gained some traction online. In addition to the artwork, the “GTA Online” update also introduced a shirt that adds more fuel to the speculations.

“The Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar shirt that leaked a few weeks ago has been released in GTA Online. Mark my words, this is one of our first official GTA 6 teases,” Gaming Detective added.

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