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‘Civilization 7’ release date, gameplay: Upcoming strategy title will likely introduce new leaders

Sid Meier’s “Civilization 6,” the turn-based 4X strategy game developed by Firaxis, is already six years old this year. While the game has brought countless hours of fun for fans of the strategy franchise, many are now starting to wonder when “Civilization 7” will be released or if it is already being developed.

‘Civilization 7’ release date speculations

At the moment, Firaxis has not made any official announcement for the “Civilization 7” release date or release date window. However, the consensus among fans is that it is already overdue at this point based on the release dates of previous Civ games.

Based on the past “Civilization” games releases, there is a five to six-year gap between each game. The original game was released in September 1991, followed by “Civilization 2” in February 1996, “Civilization 3” in October 2001, “Civilization 4” in June 2006, “Civilization 5” in November 2010, and “Civilization 6” in October 2016, according to

This means that it has already been six years since the most recent release. There are speculations saying that “Civilization VII” will likely come out sometime in 2024. The game will likely be announced only after the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns on 2nd December 2022.

‘Civilization 7’ rumors and leaks

While there are no official “Civilization 7” announcements yet, it is already known that Firaxis, the game’s creator, is working on something else, but it’s not likely XCOM 3.

Firaxis posted job openings in November 2021, one of which was for a Narrative Lead to work on their upcoming AAA strategy game. The simple fact that the Narrative Lead role calls for “knowledge and passion for world history,” is the biggest indicator that the game is most likely “Civilization 7” and not XCOM 3.

‘Civilization 7’ gameplay

As with all earlier games in the series, “Civilization 7” will undoubtedly be a turn-based 4X strategy game. Just like in previous games, players will once more embark on conquering the world one step at a time. However, the upcoming title will likely feature new leaders and some updated mechanisms.

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