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Lewis Hamilton supports F1’s decision to stop drivers collectively taking a knee

Lewis Hamilton supports Formula 1‘s decision to scrap drivers all taking the knee together before races.

The pre-race ‘We Race As One’ moment was brought in for start of the 2020 season and saw drivers given the opportunity to take a knee on the grid to protest against racism and promote social justice.

Hamilton is a forthright proponent of equality inside and outside of the sport and was a driving force behind Mercedes’ all-black race livery used during the last two seasons.

The FIA, however, earlier this year confirmed that the pre-race opportunity would be removed for the 2022 season which begins next month.

In announcing the change, CEO Stefano Domenicali indicated the time had come for actions to take precedence over gestures, a sentiment Hamilton agrees with.

“I’ve not put a huge amount of thought to it but, of course, I do think what Stefano said makes sense, that it is about action now, and so that’s something that I look forward to seeing over a period of time,” he said while in Barcelona for pre-season testing.

“Things like, for example, I had a great call last year with all the teams about getting included in this charter, so that every team is trying to push for diversity.

“I guess just really rather than just talking about these things and making those gestures, actually really pushing [for change].”

Drivers will still have the chance to kneel individually, something Hamilton appeared to hint he would still choose to do.

“I don’t know whether we need to have that one moment,” he added. “We should be able to do it at any stage, really.

“I did feel that the overall slogan last year, with all the different things compiled into one, I think we can do more and be more impactful somehow. But I don’t know what that is just yet.”

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