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F1 testing LIVE: Latest updates and lap times from Barcelona

Lewis Hamilton Breaks Months Of Silence

Follow all the action from the final day of pre-season testing in Barcelona as Formula 1 continues to build towards the start of the 2022 season.

It was Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc who led on day two with a time of 1:19:689 in the post-lunch session, bettering his teammate Carlos Sainz who had set pace in the morning. There were encouraging signs again for McLaren too, with Daniel Ricciardo finishing in third after Lando Norris led the standings on Wednesday. There were few positives to reap for Lewis Hamilton, who finished bottom, although George Russell fared better in the Mercedes and ended the day in fourth. Meanwhile, Red Bull’s preparations were hampered by a gearbox issue, causing the morning session to be red-flagged.

Meanwhile, away from the track, F1 said it was “closely watching” the crisis in Ukraine, with widespread calls for the Russian GP to be axed from the schedule. Sebastian Vettel was clear that he would boycott the race if it does go ahead, with Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto revealing that teams met last night “to try to understand what the situation is and how to cope and how to manage it.”

Follow all the latest news, lap times and results from Barcelona below.


F1 testing: FIA refute bias stewards claim

Lewis Hamilton’s accusations of possible bias among race stewards has provoked a quick response from the FIA.

The Mercedes man spoke on Wednesday about a lack of diversity in the stewards’ room, calling for more female representation among those in the hotseats, adding that it “would be awesome to have a male and female as the two race directors.”

“We need to make sure we’ve got non-biased stewards,” he said. “Race drivers, some are very, very good friends with certain individuals, some travel with some individuals, take a more keen liking to some.”

But the FIA rebutted his claims and backed the “independent” approach taken by all officials who partake on race days.

“The FIA is proud of its global stewarding pathway that connects and develops the most talented stewards from across motor sport,” the organisation told the Press Association.

“This has resulted in a strong, independent and experienced group of officials who carry out their work with impartiality and the utmost professionalism.”

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 12:00


F1 testing: Results as they stand

Here’s how everyone stands as we close in on the third hour of day three testing.

Despite a slow start George Russell leads the pack with Max Verstappen behind him. Haas have had a suspected oil leak and so haven’t been able to put out the laps they would have hoped for.

But there’s worse news for Alpine who are out. They said in a statement: “After further investigations in the garage following Fernando Alonso’s on-track stoppage earlier this morning, the team can confirm the issue was a problem with the hydraulics. A minor sealing issue led to a fire in the back of the car.

“The team has successfully completed 266 laps during the three days of the Barcelona shakedown. Repairs on the car will continue, and as a result we won’t be running for the remainder of the day. We look forward to be back in action at the next test in Bahrain.”

Here are the results as they stand:

Russell (Mercedes) 1m19.233s, C5, 63 laps, Verstappen (Red Bull) 1m19.756s, C3, 55 laps, Vettel (Aston Martin) 1m19.824s, C4, 45 laps, Leclerc (Ferrari) 1m20.092s, C3, 41 laps, Latifi (Williams) 1m20.699s, C4, 5 laps, Norris (McLaren) 1m20.827s, C3, 51 laps, Alonso (Alpine) 1m21.242s, C3, 12 laps, Zhou (Alfa Romeo) 1m21.939s, C3, 39 laps, Gasly (AlphaTauri) 1m22.469s, C2, 40 laps, Albon (Williams) 1m22.652s, C2, 21 laps, Mazepin (Haas) 1m26.229s, C3, 9 laps

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:46


F1 testing: McLaren boss discusses Russian GP

There are so many press conferences happening and I’m trying to stay on top of them! This update is from McLaren where team principal Andreas Seidl has spoken about whether the F1 will hold a grand prix in Russia.

The boss said: “As you know Formula 1, FIA and the teams, we all met last night, which was a productive meeting, an open discussion where we as McLaren made our position clear that from our point of view the Russian GP is untenable under the current circumstances.

“Please understand that I cannot disclose any more regarding those conversations but we can expect F1 as well making a statement imminently.”

The testing session is also now back underway after a red flag was raised for Zhou.

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:40


F1 testing: Doubt over Mazepin’s Haas future

Gunther Steiner has not said if Mazepin will stay or leave Haas ahead of the 2022 season. The driver is Russian and the questions have arisen due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In his press conference, Steiner said: “It needs to be resolved. There are governments involved and I have no power over them and we need to see how the situation develops in Ukraine.”

He added that the team will continue in the F1 after questions were raised over their financial situation with their sponsor also Russian.

Steiner said: “The team are not affected by this. I spoke to them yesterday and told them there is nothing to worry about. We took the right decision to send a message to everyone.”

The team have been driving without the sponsor’s branding on the cars on day three of testing.

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:30


F1 testing: Vettel trying to “tame” new car

Aston Martin could be one of the teams to cause an upset this season and driver Sebastian Vettel says he is trying to “tame” his new car.

“In all honesty, there’s still an awful lot to understand,” said Vettel, quoted by Motorsport.com. “It’s a completely different animal and it wants to be tamed in a different way. That’s driving the car but also operating, in terms of set-up.

“We’ve tried a couple of things. There are some major challenges like others are also facing, and problems. So we need to find solutions.

“There’s still a lot to learn for me with a car that wants to be driven in a different way and I’m playing with driving styles, what I can do. Equally we are playing with the car, trying to solve some of the problems we have, the challenges we face, find solutions. There’s still a lot to do.”

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:24


F1 testing: More from Steiner press conference

Haas’ team boss Gunther Steiner has been asked if the team have a contingency plan in place as their sponsor is based in Russia.

He replied: “We haven’t been planning for this. We monitored the situation, we’re not sat there ignorantly waiting.

“But I have never experienced something like this so I didn’t know how it would go down.”

He has also said the team have been making decisions on whether to remove Uralkali, the Russian sponsor, moving forward. They will not release a statement until next week.

He was also asked if they will be sticking by Nikita Mazepin, who is Russian, and he said: “There are legal issues we have to go through and then we see what comes out.”

We will bring you more from that as it comes.

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:11


F1 testing: Steiner speaks to media

Gunther Steiner has started his press conference by apologising for having to withdraw from taking questions yesterday. He says it was down to “urgent issues”.

We will bring you more updates from that presser when we have them, it will be interesting what he says about their sponsor.

Back on the track there’s been another red flag and this time it’s Alfa Romeo’s Zhou. It only took five minutes for another to be shown after the testing restarted following Gasly veering off the track.

Zhou had set a personal best in the second sector but has now stopped in the final part of the track

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:06


F1 testing: Sainz “feeling differences” with other cars

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz says he can feel “differences” between his team’s car and other teams’ – in a positive way.

Ferrari has been among the fastest during testing, albeit with Charles Leclerc behind the wheel, but it is a big improvement on where the team has been in recent years. In 2020 they had their worst season for 40 years.

Sainz said: “We did that on purpose obviously, and I can tell you I already felt some differences.

“It’s pretty obvious already and I’m relatively positive about it – optimistic that it’s, I think, going in the right direction.”


Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:05


F1 testing: Testing restarts

The third day of testing has restarted after Gasly seemed to veer off the track. It also coincides with when Haas team principal Gunther Steiner is due to face the media.

Haas has removed a sponsor from its car today as it is based in Russia. The team boss didn’t answer questions yesterday but it is thought he’ll face reporters today.

Ahead of all of that action taking place, here is how things stand:

Russell (Mercedes) 1m19.608s, C4, 56 laps, Verstappen (Red Bull) 1m19.756s, C3, 46 laps, Leclerc (Ferrari) 1m20.414s, C3, 31 laps, Vettel (Aston Martin) 1m20.685s, C3, 34 laps, Latifi (Williams) 1m20.699s, C4, 5 laps, Norris (McLaren) 1m20.827s, C3, 38 laps, Alonso (Alpine) 1m21.242s, C3, 12 laps, Zhou (Alfa Romeo) 1m21.939s, C3, 37 laps, Gasly (AlphaTauri) 1m22.469s, C2, 40 laps, Albon (Williams) 1m22.652s, C2, 21 laps, Mazepin (Haas) 1m26.229s, C3, 9 laps

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 11:00


F1 testing: Second red flag

There has been another red flag issued, this time for Pierre Gasly. I’m unsure what has happened with the AlphaTauri car but Gasly has been transported back to the team’s garage in a circuit car.

Gasly had stopped at turn five and pictures, which have started to come in, show his car off the track.

The first red flag this morning was caused by Alpine’s Fernando Alonso, whose car had tonnes of smoking bellowing from it.

It’s not clear what delays this will have on AlphaTauri’s test day but it has most definitely limited their time on the track.

Gasly had recorded Gasly 1m22.469s, C2, 40 laps.

Sarah Rendell25 February 2022 10:50

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