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F1 news LIVE: Hamilton on Verstappen and winter testing latest

Lewis Hamilton Breaks Months Of Silence

Lewis Hamilton is back after joining forces with George Russell to launch Mercedes’ new W13 car for the 2022 Formula 1 season. And Hamilton has clarified the uncertainty surrounding his future with the FIA dismissing Michael Masi, who has been replaced as race director following the chaotic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Attenion now turns to winter testing, with most cars now launched, with Barcelona and Bahrain crucial in revealing who has the early advantage as F1 prepares for a new era following the introduction of drastic new rules.

Masi has paid the price for his decision making at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with Hamilton speaking for the first time on the events in December which cost him an eighth world title. “I never ever said I was going to stop,” he said on Friday. “I love doing what I do, and it is such a privilege working with this large group of people and you feel like you are part of a family. There is nothing quite like it.”

Reflecting on the moments after the Yas Marina race, Hamilton added: “It was a difficult time for me and a time where I needed to take a step back and focus on the present. “I had my family all around me and creating great memories. I eventually got to a point where I decided I would be attacking again coming into another season and working with Toto and George.” Follow all the latest Formula One news and updates below:


Lewis Hamilton and George Russell side by side at Mercedes W13 launch

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 10:30


George Russell eager to avoid ‘naive’ in-house fighting with Lewis Hamilton

George Russell maintains he is eager to avoid getting into ‘naive’ in-house fighting with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and prefers to focus on “working together”.

“It’s something I’ve not even thought about, to be honest, because my main goal is to make sure I have the teams and the car around me for developing the car in a quick direction to give us the best opportunity over the course of the next two, three, four years,” Russell said.

“We’ve seen the development rate, we hear rumours from all the other teams of how much they’re developing.

“You’ve got to remember Formula 1 developed this ruleset with the idea they [the cars] were going to be around four seconds slower, and we’re already hearing from every single team that they’re going to be far, far faster than that.

“Lewis and I need to work together, we can’t focus too much on each other because things are constantly changing and that’s why we need to take a step back.

“We hope Mercedes will still be the fastest team, the fastest car on the grid but there are no guarantees and we need to not be naive to that and to work together to ensure we are.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 10:15


Daniel Ricciardo always knew Max Verstappen would be world champion

Daniel Ricciardo always knew Max Verstappen would be a world champion from their time together racing at Red Bull.

“Being team-mates with Max, I knew that we were pushing each other to a pretty high level,” the Australian said.

“I knew that, whilst we were team-mates, [even though] we weren’t World Champion[s], I felt like, [with] the way we were driving, [it] could have given us the World title, in some of those years. At least one.

“So to see him do it after, for me, it’s not a surprise. For sure, it’s nice for me to know that we had a pretty close battle for those years [that] we were team-mates.

“But I didn’t really need to see him win the title to show that to myself. I feel like I really [have] felt that or known that for a while. It was kind of a matter of time for him to get a title, for sure.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 10:00


Recap: FIA changes after Michael Masi controversy at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

  • Michael Masi out as race director
  • Remote race control to support race director
  • Direct radio communication to race director removed
  • Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich step in as co-race directors
  • Pair to be assisted by Herbie Blash

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 09:45


Daniel Ricciardo maintains Max Verstappen ‘deserved’ F1 title

Daniel Ricciardo maintains Max Verstappen “deserved” his title and that F1 should not be as divisive as it has been following the acrimony of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“That was kind of, in a way, the shame with [what happened in Abu Dhabi],” he said as per

“There was always going to be a winner and a loser last year, no matter how the last race ended, even if it was a boring last lap finish.

“But they both truly deserved a title. They’ve both done phenomenal races, they both come back, and so someone was always going to lose out, I guess.

“Obviously there’s the Lewis side, but there shouldn’t be a ‘Max doesn’t deserve it’ side, because he absolutely also deserved it.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 09:30


Ralf Schumacher ‘never understood why it took so long to replace Valtteri Bottas’

Ralf Schumacher has hailed George Russell as an “exceptional talent” and a long overdue replacement for Valtteri Bottas.

“I think Mercedes have a super line-up now,” former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher said.

“There was always a push from us on Sky to change something there. I never quite understood why it took so long to replace Valtteri Bottas.

“I think George Russell is an exceptional talent. Whether he will develop like Lewis Hamilton did remains to be seen. We also have to remember Lewis is 37 years old and Mercedes have to think about the future.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 09:15


George Russell tipped ‘to beat Lewis Hamilton from the start’

George Russell has been tipped ‘to beat Lewis Hamilton from the start’ by Ralf Schumacher.

“I thought it was interesting how gentle the two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, were with each other [at the launch],” Schumacher told Speedweek.

“The young Russell was very careful with his comments and emphasised he wants to learn a lot now.

“The tone was quite different when George replaced Lewis in Bahrain 2020 (Sakhir Grand Prix when Hamilton had COVID) and drove alongside Valtteri Bottas. But I’m convinced that internally it looks different, and I already believe he can beat Lewis from the start.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 09:00


Lewis Hamilton maintains: ‘I don’t hold grudges’

“I don’t hold any grudges with anybody,” Lewis Hamilton says.

“I don’t think that’s ever a good thing to carry around with you, so I move forwards.

“I don’t dwell on the past. I feel fresh, I feel centred and fully focused.

“I don’t have anything holding me back this year. Not that I did last year, but I’m not letting that experience be one of those.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 08:50


F1 car launches: Every team’s new livery and full gallery for 2022 season

Formula 1 teams are launching their new cars for the 2022 season, as a new era takes hold.

2022 sees F1 undergo a significant regulation change which has led to a completely new era of car design, meaning there is potential for the grid order to be shaken up and for backmarker teams to challenge further up the grid order. The new rules will require teams to have nailed the finer details of the transition in order to succeed.

The regulation change has been devised in order to increase the quality of racing in F1. The return of ground effect aerodynamics is designed to allow drivers to follow one another more closely and encourage more intense wheel-to-wheel racing, while a five-inch increase in the width of the Pirelli size is part of plan to allow drivers to push harder for longer.

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 08:39


Lewis Hamilton: ‘This has nothing to do with Max’

“This has nothing to do with Max,” Hamilton told reporters at the Mercedes W13 launch event.

“Max did everything a driver would do given the opportunity he was given.

“He is a great competitor and we will go into another battle like we did last year and conduct ourselves. We will obviously grow from our races and experiences we had last year also this season.

“I have no issues with him.”

Jack Rathborn21 February 2022 08:37

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