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F1 LIVE as Lewis Hamilton prepares ‘triple-A game’ to beat Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton Aims To Be ‘Purest’ F1 Driver

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have battled it out all season and it all comes down to the final two races of the Formula 1 season with the Red Bull star hoping to finish the job in Saudi Arabia but likely aware enough to know it will rumble on to the finale in Abu Dhabi.

In the most exciting F1 season for years, Jeddah is set to showcase more thrills and spills in both the Drivers’ Championship and Constructors’ Championship. The Belgian-Dutch driver has an eight point advantage, while Mercedes are just five points ahead of Red Bull in the constructors’ standings, which is also fascinating as Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez play crucial roles as the No 2 drivers for both teams. And while this Sunday will be pivotal, the drama could stretch to Abu Dhabi in the final weekend.

The long straights of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit are expected to favour Mercedes and they will be trying to plot a one-two finish. But if Hamilton was to win and collect the bonus point for fastest lap, with Verstappen finishing second, it would create the extraordinary scenario of both drivers having 269.5 points going into the final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit.

Wolff and his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner have been involved in back-and-forth encounters too, drawing amusement from some and disdain from others, as the fight goes on for the constructor championship as well as the drivers’ title. Elsewhere outside the big two, Fernando Alonso’s podium finish, the changing team line-ups for next year and even the additions of rules such as sprint qualifying have all been big talking points in Formula One recently.

Here’s all the latest F1 news and reaction as the build-up to Saudi Arabia continues:


Damon Hill accused of ‘losing impartiality’ over Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Christian Horner has leaped to the defence of Max Verstappen by accusing Damon Hill of losing impartiality while analysing Formula 1 this season.

Hill lauded the performance of Lewis Hamilton in Brazil as “one of the best drives I’ve ever seen in F1”, and Horner claims the former world champion has never taken a liking to Verstappen.

“We’ve got a British driver going for a record-breaking World Championship,” Horner told the Telegraph. “And Damon obviously has never been a fan of Max… if you talk to the Dutch then Max can walk on water.

“That’s just the way things are reported. And, you know, sometimes impartiality does get lost.”

Jack Rathborn2 December 2021 09:34


Lewis Hamilton ‘constantly’ looks for support but Max Verstappen ‘anyone around him’

A theory as to what separates Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has been outlined by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, the founder of Formula Medicine.

The head of the sports medicine centre in Viareggio believes the Belgian-Dutch driver has greater self-confidence, though the Briton has assembled a larger support team.

“In my opinion mentally Max is little bit stronger than Lewis,” he told the F1 Nation podcast. “Max is the kind of character who is only focused on himself. He has huge self-confidence.

“Lewis is just looking for external support. He’s that kind of person. You can see by the team radio how much he talks. He is looking for security, asking what the strategy is. Max never does this.

“Or he [Lewis] is trying to have the support of the people, the fans. We saw with the Brazilian flag, And he has a physio who is always with him. Nobody knows who the physio is for Max.

“Lewis is the one that needs to create a familiar environment that will protest him. Max is the type of driver who doesn’t need anyone around him. He needs himself.”

Jack Rathborn2 December 2021 09:07


Lewis Hamilton ready to bring ‘triple-A game’ to beat Max Verstappen

“I’m loving it,” Hamilton said after closing in on Verstappen after victory at the Qatar GP.

“I love the close battle, and the pressure and the demands it puts on you and the whole team.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it but these next two races need even better performance. We’ll be bringing out triple-A game for those ones.”

Jack Rathborn2 December 2021 08:48


Lando Norris pinpoints reason for Ferrari advantage over McLaren

Lando Norris believes Ferrari’s late-season engine upgrade has proven decisive as the Scuderia moved 39.5 points clear of the Woking-based team.

“It’s helped them,” Norris said (h/t “They were very good on energy before. They have a lot of deployment, which, in some circuits doesn’t make a massive difference, but in other circuits definitely helps.

“When we are clipping on the straight, and we lose 20 km/h, they just keep going. It makes a big difference in terms of how you can race them and overtake and stuff.

“I think it’s just been very close all season and I still believe we’ve done a better job as a team. I think there’s been more races where they’ve been quicker, but they’ve just made more mistakes than us. They should be further ahead.

“But it’s tough. If I look at the drivers’ championship, I’m still ahead of both of them [Ferrari drivers]. So of course, I want the team to be up there. But I feel like I’ve done as much as I can to help out on that side of it.”

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 22:10


Lando Norris expects Daniel Ricciardo bounce back when things click at McLaren F1

Lando Norris is not taking his impressive year for granted after outperforming Daniel Ricciardo.

He currently has153 points compared to the Australian’s 105, but expects a tougher battle next season.

“I think it’s been very good for me. It’s also been one of the parts making me enjoy a bit more the environment,” Norris said (h/t “There’s always that question of when you go up against a driver like that: are you going to do well? Is he going to beat me in every single qualifying or race of the season?

“Those thoughts go through your head a little bit for the year. So when none of that happens then you feel like ‘okay, if I can do this against him and he could beat this guy when he was in the same car, then I must be in a decent place.’ So it makes you think of good things.

“But then, on the flip side, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m suddenly the best driver in the world. There have still been some races where he has been quicker than me and qualifying sessions where he has been a bit quicker.

“I know he’s still Daniel. Once he clicks and finds his way and so on, I hope to still be quicker than him. But I know it’s not going to be like, I’m always quicker because he’s a very, very good driver.

“But my confidence has definitely come up with how I feel like I’ve performed. And it’s not necessarily all because I’ve beaten Daniel.

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 21:05


Charles Leclerc highlights dangerous precedent from Max Verstappen defensive move in Brazil

“You always need to adapt to every situation, every decision the stewards are doing,” Charles Leclerc said.

“As soon as I knew it wasn’t a penalty for Max in Austria [in 2019], I went to Silverstone and I changed my driving.

“So I think that’s a bit the same for every driver. We will always try to race at the limits of what we are allowed to do. And that’s what I will do in case these things are allowed.”

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 20:30


Carlos Sainz calls for ‘deeper conversation’ over drivers defending position on track

“We’ve given them some overall guidance, but also been very clear on the fact that each and every case will be judged on its merits,” Carlos Sainz said over the limit for drivers when it comes to defending.

“Everyone tries to sort of blanket incidents and say, that’s all the same, and that’s all the same, but they’re not.

“The analysis that goes into each and every incident is exactly that, having a look at all the circumstances on the day.

“In terms of racing approach it’s not very clear still,” he said as per

“I think you’ve heard us already talk about this because we don’t know exactly what is going to happen race by race.

“But as I said to the media, it looks like in the winter there’s going to be a deeper conversation about the way that we go racing that hopefully should clarify things a bit more.”

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 20:00


Sebastian Vettel claims any argument with Kimi Raikkonen means ‘the problem is you’

“Will he be missed? Yes,” said Vettel, quoted by GPFans. “I think he was a true character and I enjoyed the time I had with him as a team-mate, but to be fair I got to know him already before.

“He is probably one of the very few drivers I’ve met from day one until the present day that hasn’t changed in the sense that he has been very open, welcoming me as a young child or a young kid when I entered Formula 1.

“And at that time he was probably the most established Formula 1 driver, at least one of them.

“Great respect. I don’t think you can have an argument or a problem with Kimi. If you do, the problem is not him, the problem is you.”

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 19:45


Max Verstappen has been unlucky and should already be champion, claims Ralf Schumacher

Max Verstappen has been unlucky and should already be champion, claims Ralf Schumacher “Innocently bowled off the track at Silverstone, innocent victim of the collision at the start in Hungary, plus the blowout in Baku,” Ralf Schumacher explained to

“Max has been really unlucky, he should have been world champion a long time ago.

“Max can say to himself in defeat: ‘Well, we were close, it didn’t work out, but I still have enough time for new attempts’. So from my point of view, the pressure will be more on Lewis.”

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 19:30


Max Verstappen could follow Lewis Hamilton and change engine in Abu Dhabi

‘An engine change is currently not planned for Saudi Arabia. If there will be an engine change, it will be in Abu Dhabi,” Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko told

That would be incredible drama for the finale in Abu Dhabi, given the incurred five-place grid penalty.

It could serve as a distraction to Mercedes, though it would also complicate Max Verstappen’s race strategy.

But Red Bull will explore every possibility, including Honda assisting with a fresh engine to seal the title.

Jack Rathborn1 December 2021 19:10

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