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British Embassy showcases AI leadership during ‘UK AI Week in Bangkok’

The week commenced with a high-level policy roundtable held at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai on 15 August.

The British Embassy in Bangkok recently concluded its groundbreaking event, the ‘UK AI Week in Bangkok’, aimed at showcasing the United Kingdom’s global leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fostering collaboration with Thailand in unlocking the potential of this transformative technology.

The four-day event, held from 15 to 18 August 2023, featured a diverse range of activities including policy roundtables, business exhibitions, expert workshops and thought-provoking discussions on AI governance and applications.

The week commenced with a high-level policy roundtable held at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai on 15 August. The roundtable brought together experts and policymakers from both the UK and Thailand to engage in thoughtful discussions on crucial AI-related topics.

Representatives from renowned institutions including the Alan Turing Institute, The Institute of Analytics, Surrey Institute for People-Centred Artificial Intelligence and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office represented the UK. The discussions delved into matters of AI regulation and governance, investment strategies, the potential impact of AI across various sectors, and the ethical use of AI as a force for good.

Following the policy roundtable, the British Embassy hosted an AI Week Reception at the Ambassador’s residence on the evening of 15 August. The event brought together UK experts and businesses, Thai government officials and multilateral organisations including UNESCO. The reception not only provided a platform to introduce the UK’s AI strategy but also facilitated the building of new relationships between stakeholders from both nations.

A significant highlight of the UK AI Week was the presence of nine British AI and data businesses at the GREAT Pavilion during the Techsauce Global Summit held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre from 16 to 17 August.

With a remarkable turnout of over 15,000 tech experts, investors and businesses, the summit offered a fertile ground for showcasing UK commercial AI capabilities across diverse sectors such as agriculture, finance, climate, design and cybersecurity.

Throughout the event, UK experts delivered a series of workshops covering topics like AI in health, public services and the development of an effective national AI strategy. Additionally, British businesses and experts took the stage for discussions on vital issues like climate tech, femtech and air quality.

The UK delegation’s session on trade digitalisation and a pilot project spanning the UK, Thailand and Singapore garnered significant interest. This marked the UK’s debut participation in the Techsauce Global Summit and set the stage for future business and government collaborations.

Natalie Black, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, underscored the significance of the UK AI Week in her opening remarks. She emphasised the UK’s commitment to AI innovation and partnership, highlighting the country’s remarkable track record with over 160 unicorns and a tech sector valued at $1 trillion. Black expressed excitement about the potential for deepened tech collaborations between the UK and Thailand.

The culmination of the UK AI Week in Bangkok took place on 18 August with the ‘Turing Night‘ event at Icon Siam. Attended by over 150 government officials, tech businesses and investors, the event featured an exhibition, networking reception and a panel discussion on AI.

The evening concluded with a screening of the film ‘The Imitation Game’, which highlighted the historical significance of computing developments since the cracking of the Enigma Code in the 1940s. The event aimed to foster collaboration and discussions on AI applications and governance with regional partners.

David Thomas, British Charge d’Affaires to Thailand, praised the UK AI Week as a symbol of the modern spirit of collaboration between the UK and Thailand. He emphasised the event’s role in fostering innovation, ethical AI development and mutual benefits.

As both countries forge ahead in the realm of AI, the week-long event stands as a testament to the strength of their partnership and their commitment to shaping a future where AI serves as a force for good.

In an era characterised by technological advancements, the ‘UK AI Week in Bangkok‘ served as a beacon of international cooperation and innovation. The event not only showcased the UK’s leadership in AI but also paved the way for a deeper and more productive relationship between the UK and Thailand in the realm of AI technology.

As both nations continue to explore the potential of AI, the collaborative efforts witnessed during this week hold the promise of shaping a brighter and more technologically advanced future for all.

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