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‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ release date, details: Can the game be played on the PS4?

The “Horizon Call of the Mountain” is one of the most anticipated VR titles this year and one of the first major PlayStation VR2 titles. Developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, the action-adventure game is the latest instalment of the Horizon series and is set to launch later this month.

Unlike “Horizon: Forbidden West,” which is the sequel to “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” the upcoming “Horizon Call of the Mountain” will introduce a new protagonist as well as new settings and obstacles. To keep fans up to speed, here’s what you need to know about the game.

‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ story

Events in “Horizon: Call of the Mountain” take place in the same timeline as “Horizon Forbidden West,” according to In fact, it will also feature Aloy, but she will only be one of the secondary characters in the game.

“Horizon: Call of the Mountain” will introduce a new main character this time named Ryas, a Shadow Carja warrior. To redeem himself of past misdeeds, Ryas must venture into the new machine-riddled territories and eliminate the threat looming over Sundom.

“Ryas ended up on the wrong side for the right reasons,” Guerrilla’s Studio Narrative Director Ben McCaw wrote. “His family was torn apart, and ultimately, he was incarcerated. This is the story of how he tries to come back from that.”

‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ gameplay

To climb and defeat a variety of scary machines, players can use a variety of tools and weaponry. “Call of the Mountain” appears to push players through a lot of large environments that can be explored in any direction, despite the game not being a true open world like its counterparts.

Players can expect familiar enemies they’ve encountered in the previous game to also make their appearance in the upcoming VR title. These include Watchers, Scrappers, and even Thunderjaws, according to Dexerto.

According to developers, “Horizon Call of the Mountain” will also feature a separate “River Ride experience” in addition to its main plot. Players can unwind in this seemingly tranquil mode as they take in Horizon’s sights and sounds while engaging in some on-rails gameplay.

‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ release date, platform

The “Horizon Call of the Mountain” release date is on February 22, 2023. The game will be launched exclusively on PSVR 2 via the PlayStation 5 console.

This means that PS4 owners won’t be able to play the game. The reason for this is that the second generation of PlayStation VR is only compatible with the PS5.

According to, there’s a chance that the game might be coming to PC. However, “it’s likely that Sony wants to keep this title exclusive until it gets enough sales of the PSVR 2.”


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