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‘Fortnite’ update: ‘The Tonight Show’, Jimmy Fallon, ‘Captain Marvel’ star Brie Larson coming to the game

Epic Games will have new headquarters.
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“Fortnite” Chapter 3 Season 4 just went live on Sunday, bringing with it cool content such as a new map, weapons, and challenges. However, fans can expect more exciting content to arrive soon, such as “The Tonight Show,” the comedian and host Jimmy Fallon, and the “Captain Marvel” actress Brie Larson.

‘The Tonight Show’ coming to ‘Fortnite’

Comedian and “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon has announced that his show is crossing over “Fortnite,” according to A new level called Tonight at the Rock and based on the Rockefeller Studio, will be coming to the game.

Players can play mini-games and explore the upcoming “Fortnite” map, which is described as a faithful recreation of the real-life studio. However, Fallon explained that the new map/level is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games but is sponsored by Samsung.

Brie Larson joins ‘Fortnite’ as Paradigm

Brie Larson, the actress best down for playing the role of Captain Marvel in the superhero films “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame,” became the latest celebrity involved with “Fortnite. Many fans were surprised to see her in a cinematic that set the stage for the storyline of Chapter 3 Season 4.

However, Brie Larson won’t be appearing as Captain Marvel this time. In the trailer, Larson appeared as the character Paradigm, who has a central role to play in this season’s narrative, according to Comicbook.

What’s exciting is that Larson’s character, Paradigm, is immediately unlockable to those who bought the Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass. This is unlike other characters such as Spider-Gwen, Grriz, Meow Skulls, and The Herald, who are earnable via the battle pass.

In the latest season of “Fortnite,” a mysterious substance called Chrome has started to spread across the island and infected other characters such as Origin and the Scientist. Fortunately, Paradigm was able to escape to another reality and is now facing a tough situation on how to undo the spread of Chrome.

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