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‘Crossfire: Legion’ release date, gameplay: Introducing the Global Risk, Black List, New Horizon

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With just a week to go before the “Crossfire: Legion” release date arrival, fans of the real-time strategy (RTS) are now starting to wonder what the upcoming title has to offer. The game will offer three playable factions which offer different playstyles depending on the gamer’s preference.

“Crossfire: Legion” is an upcoming video game developed by Blackbird Interactive with Prime Matter and Smilegate as publishers. It is the eighth title of the Crossfire franchise but it’s described as a strategic take on the mostly first-person shooter series.

‘Crossfire: Legion’ aims to fill the gap between ‘StarCraft’ and ‘Red Alert’

The team behind “Crossfire Legion” already has something in mind when they started work on the RTS title. “I argue that in the recent resurgence, we haven’t yet come across an RTS game that offers players an experience comparable to StarCraft or Red Alert,” game designer Maurice Grela said, according to RockPaperShotgun. “We’re hoping to fulfill that gap.”

This means that the game will still have building tasks and harvesters but, with the help of construction queues and self-driving harvester capability, these tasks won’t occupy too much of the player’s mind. “We believe that streamlining the building experience will allow players more cognitive capacity to focus on the combat loop,” Grela added.

3 factions in ‘Crossfire: Legion’

Players can choose any of the three factions currently available in the game. These are the Global Risk, Black List, and New Horizon. Naturally, the playstyle would be a bit different depending on the faction chosen.

Global Risk: Gamerant likens this faction to the specialized Terrans of StarCraft or the Allies of Red Alert because the Global Risk faction relies on highly specialized units to get the job done. This makes it ideal for those who love to experiment with various playstyles.

Black List: This faction relies on speed and ambushing foes and is comparable to the Zerg of StarCraft. What they lack in terms of specialized skills is compensated with their sheer mobility. They are ideal for players who prefer to launch fast-paced attacks on their unprepared enemies.

New Horizon: This faction is similar to the Protoss of StarCraft. While there are a bit expensive to build, they are known for their ability to tank hits. They are ideal for defensive-focused players who value extended survivability and have the patience of taking their time and invest in the development of their forces.

‘Crossfire: Legion’ release date

Prime Matter and Blackbird Interactive officially announced that the “Crossfire Legion” release date is on December 8, 2022. The RTS title will be launched for PC via Steam.

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