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Barcelona financial crisis may be eased through Messi’s example

FC Barcelona has been busy scrambling to offload as many players as they can in order to drastically slash their wage bill for the coming season. Unfortunately, they are still not freeing up funds fast enough and it appears as though Lionel Messi may be able to help solve the problem by leading by example.

Earlier this week, it has been reported that the Copa America winner has agreed to the terms of a new contract with the Catalan giants. The biggest detail that was revealed is the 50% wage cut that the Argentina captain has reportedly accepted. That alone will slash the club’s wage bill by a large amount, owing to the fact that Messi was the club’s highest paid star for the past several years.

Even with Messi’s pay cut however, they club still does not have enough room in their salary cap to register his new contract nor those of their other new signings this summer. The Blaugrana are now hoping that Messi’s example will prompt some of the club’s other top earners to become more open to salary adjustments.