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Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Calls Out Travis Kelce’s SB Bump Into Andy Reid


Tyreek Hill had a message upon arrival at Arrowhead Stadium for Chiefs-Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is taking aim at his former teammate over a controversial Super Bowl moment on the sidelines.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seen aggressively bumping into head coach Andy Reid on the sidelines after the team’s third drive of the game ended in a fumble. Kelce was on the sidelines during the play, leading to some speculation that he was angry over being taken out with his team in the red zone.

Hill took to social media to share his thoughts after the play, saying he believed there was some hypocrisy in the reactions to Kelce on the play.

Tyreek Hill Sounds Off

After video of the sideline shove went viral, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown took to social media to hint that he would have been dealt with much more harshly.

“If that was me I would’ve been kicked out of the league,” he wrote.

Hill added his commentary, hinting that there was a double standard at play.

“But we know why though right,” he wrote on X.

Travis Kelce looked less than enthused

Kelce faced plenty of other criticism for his behavior, with others agreeing with Hill’s assertion that the reaction likely would have been very different for any other player.

Anyone who isn’t named Travis Kelce would be sent to the locker room if they did this to their head coach,” wrote ESPN reporter Adam Breneman on X.

As The Athletic’s James Boyd and Amos Morale III noted, there was plenty of frustration on the Kansas City sidelines after the fumble, and Kelce made up with his coach shortly after the dust-up on the sidelines.

“Mahomes placed his hands on his head in frustration, while Kelce — who was not in the game when Pacheco fumbled — blew up on Reid. Kelce bumped into Reid on the sideline and nearly knocked him over as Kelce presumably expressed his desire to remain in the game going forward.

“A few minutes later, Kelce walked up and hugged Reid. Reid patted him on the back.”

Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce Lost Touch

The former teammates have not been close in recent months, with Hill telling reporters in January that Kelce was no longer in contact with him.

“I texted Kelce. He still hasn’t texted me back,” Hill said, adding that the tight end was “probably still on his Taylor Swift thing.”

Hill added that he also hadn’t spoken with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes since the two teams had met earlier this season.

“I haven’t texted Mahomes since they beat our a**,” Hill said.

The teams met twice this year, with the Chiefs winning the regular-season meeting 21-14 before blowing out the Dolphins in the wild-card round of the playoffs to the tune of 26-7. After the game, Hill told reporters that his teammates would need to remember how it felt losing to the Chiefs and using that as motivation in the offseason.

“The message (this offseason) is simple. Whenever you’re working out, take this loss with you,” Hill said, via Dolphins reporter Marcel Louis-Jacques on X.

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