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UK expresses strong concern over rising settler violence in occupied Palestinian territories

At the heart of the UK’s concerns is the surge in settler violence observed within the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

During a recent UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East, UK Ambassador James Kariuki voiced serious apprehension over the escalating instances of settler violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Ambassador Kariuki’s statement highlighted the concerning trend of increasing incidents, particularly those leading to Palestinian casualties and property damage. The UK called for accountability and action to address the issue, which has strained the fragile peace in the region.

Ambassador Kariuki opened his statement by expressing gratitude to Special Coordinator Wennesland for his informative briefing, setting the stage for a discussion that would address the growing threats to peace in the region.

At the heart of the UK’s concerns is the surge in settler violence observed within the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Ambassador Kariuki cited data from UN agencies, revealing a staggering 591 settler-related incidents in 2023 alone.

These incidents have resulted in a range of consequences, from Palestinian casualties to property damage, recording the highest monthly average since record-keeping began. This disturbing trend included the tragic murder of Palestinian Qusai Jamal Maatan, an event that the UK unequivocally condemned.

The UK diplomat further voiced condemnation over the displacement of over 400 Palestinians across seven communities due to relentless settler violence. Ambassador Kariuki reminded the council that, as an occupying power, Israel bears the responsibility to ensure the security and well-being of the local population. He called on Israeli authorities to take meaningful steps to prevent further violence and hold accountable those responsible for inflicting harm on Palestinians.

In line with the UK’s commitment to justice and accountability, Ambassador Kariuki underscored the necessity for thorough investigations into each instance of settler violence. The aim is to bring perpetrators to justice and put an end to the culture of impunity that perpetuates such actions.

The communities of Al Qaboun and Al Mughayyir were specifically mentioned as areas that required immediate attention from Israeli authorities to ensure the well-being of their Palestinian inhabitants.

Ambassador Kariuki’s statement also took into account the recent terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv, the West Bank town of Huwara and the South Hebron hills. He unequivocally condemned these attacks that led to the loss of innocent Israeli lives. The UK called on the Palestinian Authority to address terrorism and incitement, underlining the importance of a comprehensive approach to security.

Violations of international humanitarian law, including evictions and demolitions, were also addressed in the UK’s statement. Ambassador Kariuki expressed dismay over the recent demolition of a West Bank Protection Consortium school in Ein Samiya by Israeli authorities. He denounced the demolitions and evictions as contrary to international humanitarian law and detrimental to the peace process, potentially resulting in the forcible transfer of Palestinians and causing undue suffering.

The UK further demanded a transparent pathway for Palestinians in Area C to engage in construction activities. This was presented as an urgent necessity to foster peace and provide a clear route for Palestinians to build their communities within the confines of international law.

Turning attention to UNRWA’s funding crisis, Ambassador Kariuki stressed the essential role of the agency in delivering vital services to Palestinian refugees. He urged the council and UN member states to collaborate in addressing the critical funding gaps faced by UNRWA, emphasising that sustained funding is integral to its capacity to stabilise the region.

In light of these challenges, Ambassador Kariuki’s statement carried a resolute message for a cooperative and concerted effort by the international community to tackle the pressing issues undermining stability in the Middle East.

Illegal Settlements and International Law

Ambassador Kariuki’s statement also touched upon the contentious issue of illegal settlements. Currently, an estimated 700,000 Israeli settlers inhabit 164 settlements and 116 outposts in the Occupied West Bank. Under international law, these settlements are considered illegal.

The UK’s stance underscores the internationally recognised position that all Jewish settlements in the occupied territories violate established legal frameworks.

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