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DBT extends CE marking indefinitely to ease business burdens and spur economic growth

CE marking extended for business growth, in an attempt to set smarter regulations aimed at cutting barriers and red tape.
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In a bid to promote economic growth and relieve businesses of unnecessary regulatory burdens, the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) has made a significant announcement today, granting an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking for businesses.

This extension applies to 18 regulations under the DBT’s jurisdiction. The move is part of a comprehensive set of smarter regulations aimed at cutting barriers and red tape to bolster business innovation and expansion.

Following extensive consultations with industry stakeholders, British businesses can now continue to utilise the CE marking system alongside the UKCA (United Kingdom Conformity Assessed) marking. The Business Secretary acted promptly to avert a potential cliff-edge situation in December 2024, when UKCA was initially scheduled to become the sole regulatory framework.

This intervention ensures that businesses no longer face the uncertainties of changing regulations, enabling them to allocate resources more efficiently towards growth and innovation.

Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake expressed the government’s commitment to easing business burdens and instilling certainty for firms, stating: “The Government is tackling red tape, cutting burdens for business, and creating certainty for firms – we have listened to industry, and we are taking action to deliver. By extending CE marking use across the UK, firms can focus their time and money on creating jobs and growing the economy.”

Industry leaders have welcomed the decision, recognising its positive impact on business operations. Tina McKenzie, Policy Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), applauded the government’s recognition of CE-marked products, acknowledging that it allows small firms ample time to adapt to the UKCA marking system while concentrating on domestic and international business growth.

“It’s welcome to see the continued recognition of CE-marked products. This will allow time for small firms to adjust to the UKCA marking system and focus on growing their business both at home and overseas,” he said.

Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, also praised the pragmatic approach taken by the government, saying: “This is a pragmatic and common sense decision that manufacturers will very much welcome and support. This announcement will help safeguard the competitiveness of manufacturers and aid the UK as a destination for investment.

“It should bring more confidence about doing business in the UK and recognises the need to work with the reality of doing business. Make UK has worked extensively with UK Government, pushing hard for this decision, and we are pleased the ongoing engagement has delivered this positive outcome.”

The extension of CE marking provides businesses with much-needed flexibility and choice, allowing them to opt for either the UKCA or CE approach to sell products in Great Britain. This flexibility will enable businesses to align with the most suitable regulatory framework for their specific products and industry requirements, fostering an environment of adaptability and growth.

The move is expected to bolster the competitiveness of British manufacturers in the global market and enhance the country’s appeal as a destination for foreign investment. With regulatory uncertainties mitigated, businesses can now confidently invest in research, development, and expansion initiatives, spurring job creation and bolstering the overall economy.

This milestone is just one aspect of the government’s broader agenda to streamline regulations, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and create a more favourable business environment in the UK. By encouraging innovation, supporting small businesses, and fostering a conducive atmosphere for investments, the government aims to build a robust and resilient economy that can thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

As the DBT implements the indefinite extension of CE marking, it is expected that businesses across the UK will embrace this development with optimism and seize the opportunities it presents for sustainable growth and success in the post-pandemic era.

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