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‘Complete Shock’: Shane Warne’s Family Shattered After Legendary Cricketer’s Tragic Death

Shane Warne’s manager James Erskine has revealed the late legendary cricketer’s family is in shock after receiving the news of his death in a Thailand hotel on Friday. Warne, one of the greatest cricketers, died of a suspected heart attack leaving the cricket world in collective mourning.

“I think the three children are in complete shock,” Erskine told the Nine Network on Sunday. “I spoke to them yesterday and again and Jackson just said, ‘we expect him to walk in the door. This is like a bad dream’.”

“I spoke with Simone (Warne’s ex-wife) who was really upset and obviously Keith, Shane’s father, is a pretty strong individual but, like everybody, he’s just shattered. They can’t believe what’s happened. I think that’s what happens when you have a sudden death you’re not expecting.

“One minute the kids are talking to him every day, the next minute they can’t talk to him and they start thinking about, ‘he’s not going to be there for my 21st, he’s not going to take me down the aisle’. Those things go through your head. They are having a much harder time than anybody, really,” he added.

Erskine said Warne was in Thailand as he wanted to take some time off and planned to get back into shape.

“He decided to go to Thailand just to relax, have a bit of time out and then they were going to meet for a drink at 5pm,” he said.

“He was always on time, Warnie. Then at quarter past five Neo knocked on his door and no answer so he wandered in and said, ‘Come on, Warnie, wake up. Wake up’. Realised there was something wrong and that started a 20-minute procedure of CPR … and unfortunately he was then put in an ambulance and when he got to the hospital he was pronounced dead.”

Erskine revealed Warne had just completed a diet plan that involved consuming just fluids for two weeks something he has done in the past as well.

“He was just finished one, where he basically only ate fluids for 14 days, and he’d done this three or four times,” Erskine said. “It was a bit all or nothing. It was either white buns with butter and lasagne stuffed in the middle, or he would be having black and green juices.:

“He obviously smoked most of his life [but] I don’t know, I think it was just a massive heart attack,” he added.

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