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Baker Mayfield’s Wife Responds to Backlash After Post

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Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns.

Baker Mayfield’s wife has responded to the backlash she faced on Sunday following a post on social media that appeared to be a shot at her husband’s Cleveland Browns teammates.

Emily Mayfield quickly made headlines for a post on her Instagram story following Sunday’s 13-10 victory over the winless Detroit Lions, which read: “No one better say anything bad about Baker Mayfield after this game. I have [not] seen toughness like this in a while. Maybe the rest of our team should take the hint and get tougher.”

It wasn’t her words but the majority of people took the repost as an endorsement, especially considering the afternoon Baker Mayfield had on the field. The former No. 1 overall pick passed for 176 yards and a touchdown but also threw a pair of bad interceptions, which he was booed loudly for. Mayfield is currently gutting through shoulder, knee and foot injuries, which has been an example of his toughness. However, it also appears to be limiting the team, with Mayfield looking compromised while he’s on the field. Against the Lions, he logged a QBR of just 8.6.

“Proud of our players’ grit today. A win’s a win’s a win. No matter how it gets done!” Emily Mayfield tweeted after midnight. “I also love the guys on this team. I respect every single one of them. Make a story out of whatever you want; I’m NEVER hating on them. They put it out there every week, many have injuries no one ever hears about, and they’re all tough as hell!”

Baker Mayfield Called Out for Not Speaking to Media

Mayfield didn’t win any brownie points after the win, skipping out mandatory media availability for the first time in his career. It left many on the Browns beat stunned, including insider Mary Kay Cabot of, who called out Mayfield for the stunt. Cabot wrote:

That’s what great leaders do. They face the music in good times and bad, because that’s part of the job description.

With the way Mayfield has fought for this team and this city, getting booed must hurt to the core. … But I’ve watched many a quarterback here get booed and still answer the postgame bell, including Tim Couch more times than I can count.

Mayfield made it clear earlier in the week that he was very banged up heading into this one but was determined to play.

“This is probably the most beat up I have been in my career, and it is not like it is one particular thing; it is multiple,” he told reporters. “It is just that time of the year, and things add up. Just a couple of things after another. It is what it is.”

Browns Facing Crucial Stretch of Season

Now is not the time for the Browns to have internal drama, with the team facing its most crucial stretch of the season. Cleveland faces AFC North leader Baltimore on Sunday, which is followed by a bye and another matchup with the Ravens.

“It is big. That is our division,” Browns cornerback Denzel Ward said after the game. “We go back and watch film on these guys, see what they like to do and see how we can attack them. Every game is a big game for us, especially now in the year. Just have to go in and do our job.”

The Browns are 6-5 but sit in last place in the division. At this point, every win is much-needed and the Browns have to put everything else aside if they hope to make it back to the postseason.

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