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Woman, daughter die of inhaling toxic gas from geyser: Safety tips to keep in mind if you have a gas geyser – Times of India

Recently it was reported that a 35-year-old woman and her 7-year-old daughter died in Bengaluru inhaling toxic gas from their gas geyser. Now gas geysers have been around for a while and provide an alternative to the ‘regular’ geysers people have. However, they can be a tad risky to use and even fatal if proper safety isn’t maintained. Here we tell you some safety tips to keep in mind if you have a gas geyser:
What is a gas geyser?
As the name suggests, this geyser uses LPG for heating water, thereby making it energy efficient. There’s a burner which is generally located below a tank and through pipelines hot water is delivered.
Why are gas geysers popular?
Since they don’t consume electricity, large families might often prefer to go for gas geysers. The amount of LPG used is also relatively less, which make them a popular choice among many

Safety tips to keep in mind

If possible do not install the gas geyser in a closed space, like a bathroom or even kitchen
The ventilators should always be open and keep the exhaust fan switched on if you have it in your bathroom or kitchen.
Get the geyser checked routinely for any leaks or other service problems
Do not keep the geyser running throughout the day. Ensure that you keep a gap every time you use
If there’s an emergency health scare, then get the victim out in an open space as soon as possible
Switch off the geyser before you enter the bathroom as the water would already be hot and the risk is slightly less

Other things to keep in mind

In a gas geyser, partial combustion takes place which then emits carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odourless as well as colourless, so in case there’s a leak, one may not know about it
Carbon monoxide can be dangerous as only after a few minutes of inhaling it, one might experience dizziness and could become unconscious quite soon.
Take the victim to a doctor as soon as possible because there aren’t any home remedies as such for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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