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Ventures That Don’t Embrace Social Media in 2021 Are Bound To Fail: Gee Bryant and Sister Kristy

We are currently living in the Internet age, and when it comes to ideas, if they are not digital, they are not interesting. When it first emerged as a way to simply connect with friends and stay in touch, no one could have predicted that social media would become the juggernaut that it is today. From selling products to brand building and everything else in between, social media is one of the most formative inventions of our time. This is why, according to Gee Bryant and Sister Kristy, anyone who leaves social media out of their plans of action is bound to fail.

Gee Bryant and Sister Kristy
Gee Bryant and Sister Kristy

Having amassed an impressive following of fans by harnessing the power of social media, Sister Kirsty is well aware of the strength it brings to any venture. As a model and self-made influencer, Sister Kristy has been turning heads since 2016 through her popular Instagram page and personal website. As an entrepreneur, fitness expert, and motivator, Gee Bryant has been welcomed into countless people’s lives via social media and once he joins them on their journey, he sets them on the road to success.

According to Sister Kristy, 2021 offers entrepreneurs so much opportunity to help their venture grow that ignoring its influence would be a serious mistake. “From TikTok to Instagram, there are endless global trends that aspiring entrepreneurs can use to help their venture reach a worldwide audience.” Gee Bryant agrees with this sentiment by saying, “Scrolling is the new pastime. Every single day, people are giving their social media feeds their full attention. Any venture that doesn’t embrace this and fails to puts its business in front of this captivated audience is missing out!” Sister Kristy says that the last year and a half, where our only sources of entertainment existed online, has made social media even bigger than before. “2021 is truly the age of social media. When the pandemic hit, people moved their lives online and they are still there waiting to be entertained and stay social.” Gee Bryant predicts that the future will remain digital. She adds, “Any new business from here on will need to fully embrace the power of social media to find true success.”

Social media has proved itself to be an essential part of modern life and Gee Bryant and Sister Kristy believe that for any venture to avoid failure, it needs to be harnessed and embraced.

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