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UK mobile gaming market continues to grow, but which products are best?

In recent times, smartphone gaming has solidified itself as one of the main entertainment options in the modern world. More specifically, since the beginning of 2019, the UK mobile gamer market has grown by 50%, which is the equivalent of 8.6 million new gamers. Alongside checking popular social media sites like Twitter and using apps like Uber to get home safely late at night, people are clearly turning to their smartphone devices for a gaming session.

One of the main benefits of smartphone gaming is that it’s convenient, easily accessible, and doesn’t break the bank compared to many other gaming options in 2021. This, coupled with the dramatic improvements made in our smartphone devices and the subsequent games which now come with them, has meant that mobile gaming appeals more than ever before. There has been a wave of games from particular genres which have managed to change the landscape of mobile gaming also. For instance, casino gaming is proving to be a more attractive option these days, with popular Greek-themed titles like Age of the Gods: God of Storms offering UK players the chance to play for four progressive jackpots. Alongside casino offerings are augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go, which enable gamers to immerse themselves outdoors as they search for a selection of different Pokemon to fill up their Pokédex. The options certainly don’t end there, though. Let’s take a look at some other hit releases which are available on iOS and Android right now.

Among Us

Among Us has experienced somewhat of a decline since its initial release but there is no doubting that it’s one of the biggest and best smartphone releases available right now. The premise of the game is quite simple too, tasking players with uncovering the killer on a spaceship after each round. Guess right and you win. On top of this, players complete various tasks before they’re summoned to vote on who they think is responsible for the latest death on the ship. Among Us is particularly popular with groups of friends.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The growing trend of console-quality titles now finding their way onto a smartphone device is perhaps summed up perfectly through releases like Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The popular open-world title where people can build their own landscape and escape from a variety of mobs is now available to play on mobile and represents a fine game which is capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end.

Genshin Impact

UK mobile gaming market continues to grow, but which products are best?

Thanks to its glorious visuals and eye-catching graphics, Genshin Impact is easily one of the most visually pleasing mobile titles ever made. An action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo which has similar characteristics to some classic Zelda games, it’s a pleasure to play this particular release. The game is incredibly fun, too, enabling players to pretty much do anything, from jumping up walls to swimming across rivers. As a comprehensive mobile gaming experience, Genshin Impact is hard to fault.

Monument Valley 2

A stunningly beautiful puzzle game that requires strategic thinking as players guide a mother and her daughter through a series of intricate architectures by M. C. Escher, Monument Valley 2 has been dazzling smartphone gamers for a while now. A fairly simple yet hugely intriguing game that will leave you wanting to find the best routes possible, Monument Valley 2 is well worth sampling.

Other popular mobile games on both iOS and Android at the moment are Slay the Spire, Candy Crush Saga, Hearthstone, Stardew Valley, Alto’s Odyssey, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, The Room: Old Sins, and Legends of Runeterra.

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