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Tinder working on new feature to let friends pick your swipes

Tinder is working on a feature to let friends help people swipe, according to code found in the app.

The tool, known as “Swipe Party”, would allow people to use the app with friends so that they can “vet prospects” together, according to the app.

It appears that a user would start the party and invite friends to join, when they would appear through their phone’s camera and microphone. The party would then be able to speak together, giving feedback as they go through the people being swiped.

It appears to be an attempt to bring the popular activity of swiping through Tinder as a group into the app and possible remotely.

But it is also another example of shared experiences on phones, which notably arrived on the iPhone with the addition of SharePlay for group viewing of films and TV shows. Such tools have proven especially popular during the pandemic.

The rumours of Swipe Party were first spotted in the Android code by website GratisDatingTips. TechCrunch was also provided analysis that showed it was available in the iPhone app too.

The code suggests that friends would be able to input their number to open a guest account, become validated, and then join the “party”.

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