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This is the new iPhone

Apple has revealed the iPhone 13.

From the front, the new handset looks on the outside mostly like its predecessor, the iPhone 12, with the same flat edges. But it does look a little different on the back, where the cameras have been rearranged to be diagonal.

And on the front, the “notch” that is cut in to the top of the display is 20 per cent smaller, Apple said. It did so by re-engineering the sensors in the top to allow them to take up less space.

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The display itself has also been improved, Apple said, to be as much as 28 per cent more bright when it is outside.

The phone also comes in a range of colours, including a new pinkish hue.

On the inside, the iPhone has been “completely re-architected”, Apple said. That has allowed it to make way for new features and also have a bigger battery.

The battery should last for 1.5 hours longer on the Mini, and 2.5 hours on the bigger iPhone 13, Apple said. That is not just a result of the bigger batter but changes such as the improved processor, Apple said.

It is powered by the “A15 Bionic” chip, Apple said. It is the “fastest CPU in any smartphone”, Apple claimed, though it compared its performance with its “leading competitor” rather than the existing processor in the iPhone 12.

The phone also has a new camera system that includes vastly improved low-light performance, Apple said.

For videos, Apple is introducing a new feature called “Cinematic Mode”, which will allow the focus to change quickly and dynamically in a way that Apple suggested would recall Hollywood films. It does that automatically, by using artificial intelligence to allow the device to create “cinema-grade videos”.

The normal, non-Pro version of the iPhone 13 will come in the same sizes as the iPhone 12 – a medium-sized model and a “Mini”.


Like the iPhone 12, the 13 has 5G. But it has more antenna bands, which should allow it work more quickly and in more places, Apple said.

The Mini starts at $699, and the normal iPhone starts at $799, the same pricing as the iPhone 12. Some rumours had suggested that the price could be increased, as a result of processor shortages that have hit the entire technology industry.

Apple has also doubled the storage in the phones, meaning they now start at 128GB and go up to 512GB.

Pre-orders will open on Friday, and they will go on sale a week later.

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