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Microsoft adds Bing Chat AI tools to Google Chrome

Bing Chat is now available in Google Chrome for all desktop users. Bing Chat has been garnering popularity among various market segments for a while now.

It is no secret that Microsoft is riding high on the popularity of Bing Chat. Still, the company spares no effort to update its latest chatbot with an impressive array of features on a regular basis. Regrettably, Bing Chat has only been officially supported in Microsoft’s Edge browser up until now.

Aside from this, Bing Chat is available via an integration with SwiftKey. Likewise, Bing Chat AI is coming to Microsoft Launcher for Android soon. Vivaldi browser, on the other hand, added support for Bing chat by pretending to be Microsoft Edge back in June.

So, it is safe to say that Microsoft Edge has been the only officially supported browser to leverage Bing Chat, up until now. According to a Microsoft blog post, Google Chrome now supports Bing Chat.

Microsoft has been teasing new updates

This aligns with what the Redmond-based tech firm teased about Bing Chat coming to third-party browsers on desktops and mobile devices earlier this month. Reportedly, Microsoft began testing Bing Chat support with select Chrome and Safari users in July.

Now, it looks like Microsoft’s testing has been successful. As a result, the company has decided to make its widely popular AI chatbot available for all Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Regrettably, Bing Chat is still unavailable on mobile platforms. However, Microsoft says it is gearing up to expand support for other browsers on mobile and desktop. For instance, the AI chat could be headed to Apple‘s Safari browser in the coming days.

Bing Chat Enterprise is on Edge Mobile

Microsoft has enabled support for Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge Mobile. Users can access it by logging into Edge through their work account. Moreover, SwiftKey users can now use 30 turns each day to converse with Bing Chat, without signing in to a Microsoft account.

As if that weren’t enough, Microsoft has boosted its Bing search templates via generative AI technologies to minimise content duplication and use space more efficiently. Taking to X earlier this month, the CEO of Bing, Mikhail Parakhin confirmed Microsoft is working on bringing more features to Bing Chat.

The company is currently working on some of these features. Moreover, the tech firm is testing a feature that will enable Bing Chat to remember what you asked for previously. Code improvements and more character support are also in the offing.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on a Google Bard-like system that uses Python to answer some questions. “All are coming, #2 we are doing something cooler (actual memory, flighting already), 1 and 3 should start flighting soon,” Parakhin wrote when he was asked “any chance we can have on Bing:”

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