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Man claims aliens warned him about Covid and WW3 during abduction

Calvin Parker, a 68-year-old man from Pascagoula City in Mississippi, has said that he was warned about the Covid-19 pandemic and World War Three by aliens 50 years ago. He claims that he was abducted by these creatures who showed him what the world will look like in future.

Parker, who has also written a book on his alleged encounter with aliens, says that he did not reveal what he saw then because he was scared. He decided to go public now because he thinks all of those things are coming true.

“These things got to us. Two got a hold of Charlie, the other got a hold of me and they turned around and they were carrying us back up inside of what I know now is a UFO, a spaceship or whatever it was and we were going toward that big bright light,” he had said during the launch of his book last year.

He now claims that these aliens made him see events that had already happened in the past. He saw humanity’s present and future as well. Parker was all of 19-years-old when the incident occurred in 1973. He claims that the alien creatures had carrot-like noses and lobster-like claws.

Parker, along with his friend Charlie Hickson, were allegedly abducted by aliens when they had gone fishing one night on the banks of the Pascagoula River.