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Joel Kaplan and Jaiden Vu Share Their Insights on the Evolution of the E-Commerce Industry

Looking at e-commerce today, it is hard to believe it’s been barely two decades since Amazon sold their first book. That pivotal event launched the current industry, and the growth of Amazon is indicative of its evolution. Many businesses have since joined the sector to reach customers who are increasingly opting to do business online. Joel Kaplan and Jaiden Vu have been in the thick of the industry and have insights to share on where it’s headed next.

Joel Kaplan and Jaiden Vu
Joel Kaplan and Jaiden Vu

Joel Kaplan, the founder of Atlas Digital and founder and CEO of Agency Lab is a passionate entrepreneur engaged in the coaching industry. He has built a strong program and community that is focused on coaching agency owners the right way. Jaiden Vu is the founder of Launcher’s Academy together with Christy Liu and Melissa Ng. He is a chef turned e-commerce expert whose e-commerce training platform has helped many entrepreneurs set their footing in the industry.

According to Joel, the industry has seen a significant shift in the past year due to the pandemic. Joel and Jaiden agree that as more and more people are spending time online, the e-commerce landscape has experienced major changes that have altered the course of the industry for the future. As a result of the pandemic, and subsequent changes in consumer attitudes and habits, the growth of e-commerce has accelerated. The introduction of simple payment systems that facilitate e-commerce have also helped the industry’s expansion and lowered barriers to entry.

Jaiden highlights that an increased understanding of online consumerism among customers and entrepreneurs have facilitated its growth. With the success of coaching and training programs like the Launcher’s Academy by Jaiden and Agency Lab by Joel, the e-commerce learning field is not a puzzle anymore for newcomers.

E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, learn, interact and live. With so many facets to it, there is still a lot of potential growth to come from this lucrative industry.

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