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Florida man finds huge snake hiding deep inside new couch [photos]

A man in Florida was taken aback upon realizing that a snake was hiding deep inside a couch that he had purchased recently.

Deputies with the Clearwater Police Department responded to a home in Marilyn Pines on Sunday afternoon after receiving a call from a man saying that he had found a snake hiding in his couch.

“Snakes alive!! Here’s a call you don’t see every day. A resident at Marilyn Pines calls this afternoon because he’s got a snake in his condo and it’s hiding in his couch,” the police department said in a Facebook post.

The responding officers quickly carried the couch outside the home and found a red-tailed boa hiding deep inside of it. The officers removed the snake and took it to a local pet store.

“They then carefully extracted it from its hiding place. It was easily 5 feet long and was taken to a local pet store after being plucked from the couch,” the department said.

The man told the cops that he just got the couch the other day and that “he thinks the snake was hiding in the couch when it came to his house.”

“Officers also carried the couch back in the residence for the man. It’s a jungle out there sometimes,” the post added.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts. “Thank God for the police to answer a call like this. Whoever the man bought the couch from didn’t notice that their pet boa was missing???” one user wrote.

“Another reason not to get that sofa at those garage sales,” another person commented.

“Apple a day keep the doctor away what keeps snakes away whatever it is I wanted,” posted another.

“Omg I would’ve had a heart attack!!!” expressed a fourth.

This is a representational image. In this photo, a Yellow Python is seen on display at the 12th Annual Safari Brunch, a fundraiser for Wildlife Waystation held at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California, Oct. 14, 2006. Photo: Getty Images/GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP
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