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Chromebooks Camera Feature: Google rolls out new camera features for Chromebooks – Times of India

Google has announced new camera features for Chromebook users. The tech giant has been continuously rolling out updates to improve the user experience on the devices. Last month we saw a report by research firm IDC that Chromebook shipments have declined significantly and it looks like the company is trying to bounce back by releasing these useful features. The company has also announced that it will add a feature to create GIFs on the devices soon. Till then, here are the new features that the company has added to Chromebooks.
Scan documents and QR codes directly from Chromebook
Chromebook users can now use the built-in camera on the device to scan any document and turn it into a PDF or JPEG file. If the Chromebook has a front and back facing camera, users can use either of these to scan the documents.
To scan a document from your Chromebook, open the Camera app and select “Scan” mode. When you hold out the document you want to scan in front of the camera, the app will automatically detect its edges. Once done you can share through Gmail, to social media or to nearby Android phones or Chromebooks using Nearby Share just like any other PDF or JPEG file.
Adjust camera angle through Chromebook
Chromebook users who use an external camera can use the Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature to have more control over what the camera captures. Users can now crop and angle camera view as per their requirement. User’s selections will automatically save so when they jump from one call to another, the camera angle preferences will stay the same.
Video mode, save for later and self timer
Apart from the features mentioned above, Google has also added a save for later feature that automatically saves all the photos and videos clicked by the user through the camera app in the ‘Camera’ folder in the files app.
With the self timer feature, users can set the timer and step away from the Chromebook to capture the photo of their choice and with the video mode, users can record a video that they can directly share to various platforms.

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