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25 lose eyesight after undergoing free cataract surgery at a private hospital

At least 25 people have lost eyesight in one eye after undergoing free cataract surgery at a private hospital in India. Some of the patients even had to have an eye removed due to a severe infection.

The botched surgical procedures took place during a free health camp organized by a private hospital in the Indian state of Bihar on Nov. 22, The Times Of India reported.

“We learned that 25 persons, who underwent cataract operation are suffering from severe infection in one eye. The doctors have now suggested the removal of the infected eye,” an official working with the health department told the news outlet.

He added that an investigation into the incident was launched after authorities received reports claiming the doctor and the hospital did not follow operation protocol.

As many as 65 patients underwent surgery at the event, according to Hindustan Times.

One of them was Ram Murti Singh, who told The Times of India that he is battling a severe infection in his left eye.

“We learned that a mega eye check-up camp was being organized by the hospital on Nov 22. I came to the hospital where doctors said that I had a cataract. They conducted an operation on one eye,” he recalled.

Singh then said his eye began hurting four hours after the procedure. He contacted the doctor, who suggested he take painkillers. Though the pills were effective, the pain returned after the effect of the medicine wore off.

Another patient, Meena Devi, complained of intense pain, swelling and frequent water discharge from her operated eye. She said the doctor initially blamed her for “negligence.”

“When I went to the hospital the next day, the doctor rebuked me for negligence. When I strongly protested, they suggested the removal of the infected eye,” Devi told the outlet, adding that she had no other option but to have her eye removed due to the infection.

According to Harendra Rajak, a relative of a patient named Ram Murti Sharma, nine individuals who suffered infection consulted another doctor who then confirmed that the cataract surgery was botched.

“They also suggested removal of the operated eye, otherwise it would create further complications in the other eye or brain,” the relative said as per the outlet.

Meanwhile, the eye hospital has expressed willingness to bear the treatment expenses of the patients.

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