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Workplace Pressure, Money-related Woes Increase Risk of Heart Attack: Study

In today’s lifestyle, every individual is struggling with some kind of pressure. Some are faced with the pressure of household responsibilities, while many have performance-related pressures in office or business. Whatever be the reason for the pressure, it ultimately harms health. A person can also become stressed under high-pressure circumstances. A study by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, claims that workplace pressure and money-related anxieties take a toll on health.

This increases the risk of stroke and heart attack by about 30 per cent. According to the news report published in the Daily Mail, one lakh people from different countries were included in this study. It was revealed that due to prolonged mental stress, the amount of cortisol in the body increases and that also leads to rising blood cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

People in the age group of 30 to 70 years were included in this study. It was revealed that mental stress also increases in people as they age.

Here is what the experts say

Annika Rosengren, who led this study, said that workplace pressure and money-related worries increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood clotting.

“It is not known exactly what causes the risk of heart disease in severely stressed people,” says Dr Annika Rosengren, “but there are many different processes in the body, such as atherosclerosis.”

“And blood clotting can be affected by stress. If we want to reduce the risk of heart diseases globally, we need to consider stress as another modifiable risk factor.”

It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle

According to the study, about 180 million people die every year worldwide due to heart diseases. Heart disease is also the biggest cause of death in the world. The way to avoid this is positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. After the age of 40, every person should include exercise in his or her daily routine.

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