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Weight loss story: “I lost 23 kilos by running 5-6 kms daily and having warm water” | The Times of India

Anand Yadav, 18, was teased and mocked by the people in his village for a long time. Being overweight made it difficult for him to go about his daily activities. But after witnessing some of the biggest transformations in the celebrity world, he was motivated to achieve the same. Not only did he give his diet a spin, he also worked out extensively. In just 4 months, he managed to lose 23 kgs. His weight loss journey proves that nothing is impossible if you have the right determination and the will to achieve your goals:

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Name – Anand Yadav

Occupation – Student

Age – 18

Height – 165cm

City – Shahidgaon, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh

Highest weight recorded – 87kg

Weight lost – 23kg

Duration it took me to lose weight – 4 months

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