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Versace Commits To Corsets For Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022

Donatella Versace has well and truly cinched it.

In fact, while many of Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2022 shows have zeroed in on power suiting in a post-pandemic world, Versace has committed to the sexiest of alternatives.

Presented on a glossy red lacquered runway, almost every single one of the 60 looks Versace unveiled this weekend featured on-show corsetry.

Described as “an elastic band pulled tight and about to snap back with a build-up of energy” by the designer, it’s fair to say Versace committed to boudoir chic.

Leaving no girdle unveiled, in fact, the thread of the common corset was pulled to extremes; simple yet sumptuous bustiers, waspie-waisted puffer jackets, embellished underwear as outerwear, et al.

Of course, Donatella didn’t stop there.

In addition to some highly-covetable corsetry, the brand played with a variety of unexpected fabrics and not-so-Versace pieces, including shoulder-padded blazers and houndstooth mini skirts.

She even included a pair of satin topcoats from her men’s collection— in bright pink and electric blue, respectfully.

Truth be told, Versace Fall/Winter 2022 was a wild ride. Chaotic yet conscientious, offering something special for raw-edged tweed lovers and BDSM aficionados alike. Sexual and self-aware, with its tongue firmly pushed against its cheek.

As the show’s notes suggested, the Versace woman is ‘never shy or retiring, [she] has a powerful and seductive sense of mystery, shifting in and out of sight’. A sentiment helpfully illustrated by a iconic line-up of models including Gigi Hadid, Precious Lee, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Avanti Nagrath

The second a t-shirt wandered down the runway, stating ‘I love you but I choose Versace’, I was sold. Versace Fall/Winter 2022 is unabashed girl power at its most unapologetic.

And, after two years of cancelled shows and a female-led industry on its knees, that might be exactly what we need.

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