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Thyroid eyes: Know what causes it and how to spot it | The Times of India

Bulging eyes are the typical symptom of thyroid eyes. As the immune system attacks the cells around the eyes, generally the orbit, the area in your skull where your eyeballs sit, leads to inflammtion. It leads to an expansion of muscles, fat, and other tissues in the area. Besides, one may experience other signs as well when suffering from thyroid eye conditions like:

Redness in the whites of your eyes


Pain and pressure

Dry or watery eyes

Double vision

Light sensitivity

Pain in the eyes when looking in different directions

Impaired vision

Depending on the severity of the condition and availability of treatment, the thyroid eye condition can go into periods of remission. It may trouble for six months or a year, disappear for some time and repair. Only if it is inactive for a year, the chances of its reoccurrence are low. The symptoms may get worse in regular smokers.

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