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These Health Benefits Prove Why Saffron is an Expensive Spice

The most expensive spice in the world, saffron has umpteen benefits for skin, hair and overall health. Harvested by hand, the hefty price of the spice is attributed to its labor-intensive production method. Revered for its medicinal properties, saffron is widely used for its health benefits and aroma. Potential health benefits include improved heart disease risk, blood sugar levels, enhanced libido, mood, eyesight, and memory. Let’s explore some of the most impressive reasons to include saffron in your daily life:

Fights Stomach Ailments

The properties of saffron provide relief from gastro troubles. Known to aid digestion, saffron also reduces tension on the stomach by preventing accumulation of gas in the intestinal tracts. It reacts against spasms, reduces symptoms of dysentery, provides relief from stomach cramps and prevents liver inflammation.

Improves Heart Health

Saffron lowers the level of bad cholesterol, thus lowering risk of hypertension. Compounds present in saffron takes care of cardiovascular health, preventing heart diseases. The reduced level of cholesterol impedes the plaque from depositing in arteries.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

High in antioxidants, saffron and its compounds are known to kill colon cancer cells or suppress their growth, leaving normal cells unharmed. The anticancer effects of saffron also apply to skin, bone marrow, lung, breast, cervix, prostate and other cancer cells. The main antioxidant in saffron makes cancer cells sensitive to chemotherapy drugs.

Reduces PMS Symptoms

Eating saffron has shown benefits to those prone to PMS symptoms. Saffron can help treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms such as irritability, cravings, headaches, pain, and anxiety. Smelling the spice has also helped lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and reduce PMS symptoms like anxiety.

Mood Issues

Nicknamed the ‘sunshine spice,’ saffron may help brighten your mood. Saffron supplements have proved to be more effective in treating mild-to-moderate depression symptoms, compared to conventional treatments. Additionally, fewer people experienced side effects from saffron compared to other treatments.

The best part of taking the powerful spice is that it is easy to add to your diet and usually safe for most people.

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