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These 5 Yoga Asanas Can Help You Regain Your Flexibility

As people get older, their movement gets restricted and a lot of hormone production is also decreased, due to which they tend to lose flexibility. To avoid serious ailments at this age, keeping track of what you eat is extremely important, while a little bit of exercise can help you with regaining the body’s flexibility and stability. We bring you a couple of yoga asanas, shared by Ayurvedic doctor Dr Nitika Kohli on her Instagram handle, which will keep you flexible in your 50s. Sharing the post, she mentioned that though it is a fact that younger people are more flexible, it is a myth that people lose flexibility as they get older.

Check out the post:

Try these yoga poses shared by Kohli to regain flexibility in your 50s:

Downward Dog

With hands and feet touching the ground, lift your body upwards and inwards. The deeper you want to stretch, the more you are required to push through your upper body muscles.

Reverse Table Top

Take the position of a table, with the support of your hands and foot. It helps to stretch the tight muscles at the front of the body while it strengthens the back and core muscles.

Standing Side Bend

Stand straight, feet joined, and hands should be straight up. Now, slowly inhale and bend on one side. While coming back to the starting position, exhale. Do it for both sides. This posture causes the back to curve forward, while it tightens the chest area.

Yogi Squat Pose

If you sit for long hours and get tired, practicing the Yogi Squat Pose can help to increase mobility and flexibility.

Pyramid Pose

Take the position of downward dog and bring one foot slowly near the hands, this is called the Pyramid pose. It provides a deep stretch for both your hamstrings and lower back. It is a great way to practice your balance.

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