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These 5 Exercises will Help Prevent Thigh Chafing, Check Out

Thighs are one of the most common areas where fat gets accumulated. In addition to increasing the overall bulk in the body, thigh fats also make it difficult to walk in a correct manner after a certain period of time. Thighs tend to rub while walking, causing discomfort, and prolongation can lead to thigh chafing. In addition, it makes the inner thighs darker and causes blister-like burns.

Thigh chafing can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right so that the body fat is curbed with time. However, to speed up the process, a few inner thigh exercises can prove to be extremely useful. These exercises can really catalyse the decrease in thigh fats and relieve you, if not prevent, from thigh chafing.

Squeeze and Raise

To do this exercise, lie sideways on a flat surface and place a medium-sized ball between your legs. Now, squeeze your legs so that the ball doesn’t fall. Next, rest your head on your arms and lift the legs off the ground. Bring your legs down slowly, and then repeat the process.

Barbell Squat

This is a multi-muscle exercise that not only targets your glutes but is really effective in working out your thigh muscles. Place a barbell with adequate weights on your shoulder. Then, with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down with your back arched, and stand up straight again. Do a few sets to target the entire muscle structure, including the inner thighs.


Lunges is another excellent exercise for your lower body and one of the most effective if you’re trying to cut down thigh fat. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Then, take a step forward and lunge to make a 90-degree angle with your front leg. Return to the standing position and do the same with your other leg. Repeat the process.

Thigh Circles

Lie down in a quadruped position. Lift one leg and align it with your torso. Now, trace a circle with your leg. Put down the leg and do the same with the other leg. Repeat the exercise.

Scissor Planks

Lie down in a plank position, with your arms straight and supporting your head. Move your feet sideways and repeat it to mimic a scissor. Do the same with the other leg.

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