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Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Testing Has Scary Moments: FSD 10 Beta In The City

Testing of Tesla’s latest Full Self Driving 10 beta isn’t without hair-raising moments as one recent video shows.

Tesla FSD 10 is already being tested by YouTubers. The latest Full Self Driving beta appears to be better at making decisions on local/city streets. “Way more confident…more aggressive,” as the driver says in the video below.

(In a separate FSD 10 video, a driver found that it “finally navigated San Francisco’s twisty Lombard Street without requiring intervention,” according to Engadget.)

There are also enhanced visuals in the FDS 10 beta (4:14 mark in video below).

But as the video starts, the driver is unnerved by the speed as it heads toward toward a parked car.

“Very uncomfortable so far,” the driver says. “Okay…we didn’t hit anything but that was insane,” as the car then proceeds to the streets of downtown Milwaukee.

Despite the scare, the driver did not intervene.

At another point the Tesla passes a car quickly in the right lane, which worries the driver (4:50 mark). And it blows through one stop sign (5:32 mark).

After that, FSD 10 goes smoothly. “It’s driving about the same speeds I would be driving,” the driver says later in the video. And it navigates two constructions sites with aplomb.

And the public release of FSD 10?

“Looks promising that Beta 10.1, about 2 weeks later, will be good enough for public opt in request button,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on September 1.

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